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Monday, August 17, 2009


Hello everyone, im going to try to be covergirl, can u help me its my dream,This week on wednesday19 of august, thursday 20 of august and friday 21 of august can u vote me please and ask ur friends too, if they vote ur friends plz ask them to write that you told them so you can get credit. Wish me luck i will appreciate your help.
To thanks ur suport and ur frienship im doing a raffle with good prizes that are:

4 prizes of 200 stardollars each
3 prizes of 134 stardollars each and
3 prizes of 67 stardollars each
That means a total of 10 prizes

If you do a topic it in your clubs/blogs and people vote for me. I will offer another prize to the person who influences the most people if i win. The winner must have at least 10 people who signed. I work so much in my medoll and suite i hope you can help me. I count with ur suport but only if u want. xoxo Filipa

Sunday, August 16, 2009


They look fabulous
These last releases from Starplaza are very ugly and demode, i think teachers dont used this kind of clothes anymore. The dresses should be short i dont like the lengh. So i decided to create a fashion clothe with a piece of these, i had choose 2 skirts and create 2 mini dresses's that look fabulous.


DRESS UP COMP Nº2 U have to create a dress with eggs tht are in sale on Minishop, do in ur album and write VIP-DOLLS DRESS UP COMP. The most creative will recive 134 stardollars prize, the deadline date is 23 of august, must be 30 persons on this comp or i cancel the comp. I already did a dress with eggs plz look im wearing now. Good lucky
To be in the comp u must be member of my club VIP-DOLLS



1 -Task
U have to do a dress of Minishop pieces, save ur doll in ur album and there use the pieces of Minishop to create the dress,boys must create a tshirt however they can use a trousers to be in the outfit. Be creative, write on ur album, VIP-DOLLS DRESS UP COMP. U can use acessoirys like shoes, earings, neckless, bracelets, purses, make-up, belts. The prize is 134 stardollars The dealine date is 20 of august to the 1 task. must be 30 persons on this comp or i cancel the comp. Good lucky Can enter superstars and non superstars
To be in the comp u must be member of my club VIP-DOLLS

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Frediaddu Suite

Look this amazing suite, its from a boy call Frediaddu, he is very creative and he has very good taste, i have to say something, he is my brother. U should visit his suite.


Look this dress

Hello, i found this colorfull dress and it reminds me Africa, i never saw a dress like this, it is very fresh and nice to use during summer time. She looks fabulous.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Hello, today i was with a lot ideas so i decided to make a dress with eggs, curtains and wallpaper.
I love the dress shape its very fashion and feminine, i think that the dress look fabulous.
Whats ur opinion, i want to show more creations of others dolls from Stardoll, so if u know someone that have a beautifull creation with Minishop pieces, plz write on the coments.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


This time i think that sales on Minishop are great, i like several pieces and i bought the Valentines Table, the 20's Lamps and the Large Design Studio Work. Its a good opportunity
to buy with good discount and maybe end a room that u had finish yet.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Hello everyone, i decided to create this blog to speak about Stardoll, beautifulls Medolls, suites, fashion and comps. My name is Filipa and i have 14 years old, im Filipinhamaria on Stardoll as many of u already know. I live in small country call Portugal, its in Europe near Spain, its an ancient country with almost 900 years of history, many castles and 800 km of beautifull beachs.On this blog i will post all the comps tht i have on my club VIP-DOLLS.
Every week will be at least one comp, i hope everyone join and have fun.
The comps are for non-superstars and superstars.