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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Bad side of being Famous on Stardoll:

Hey Everybody,
I am so happy today, I won CoverGirl and browsing all GuestBook Comments wishing me the best I came through some not that good, those Inspired me to this Post:

Being Famous or well-known in blogs means you have haters, people that hate you becuase they cannot do what you do or that are not well-known as you.

Here are some examples:

1 - People will start writing at you: Stop saying I am ugly. While you havent said anything.
2 - Some people will accuse you for stealing their Stardoll Lips. They are available for everyone, still they think not.
3 - People can be mean and say rude things so others will visit their suite.

I promise I will do more topics showing more about the Famous Stardoll.

Suprise-spring ?

New message from stardoll!

I opened my dollmail today and this news came in from stardoll admin!
Open your mail, and you'll find a message with the first image!
Click on the picture, and it will take you to a different page, with information about this spring surprise from stardoll!

Have a nice day!


Red Lips are back, they give a sexy and glamourous look. Red lipstick looks nice in blond and brunettes. More than ever lipstick is back in force after a cold winter, we see lipsticks in several types of red, if you want to look feminine red is the colour that you must choose. We can see on runways, partys and all types of events, everyone is wearing. This week these are the best beauty looks.

Who look better in your opinion?

Kate Bosworth and Laura Whitmore
Claire Danes and Audrey Tautou

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It's almost summer and everyone is starting to think what are they going to wear in the beach. So I chose my 6 favourite swimsuits, from 6 different designers. As usual the Channel swimsuit stands out, I think it's perfect for a date in the beach. What do you think?

Danielle Scutt/Derek Lam

Louis Vuitton/Channel

Mark Fast/Lacoste

This year all you have to do to be the Queen of the beach is acessorize your swimsuit with belts with different sizes and shapes. You can also wear it with a fun and fresh makeup. As you can see there are no rules for the colour or the shape of your swimsuit, just be yourself and make your own style!


This Summer the acessories are beautifull, as you can see with lovely details, colours and shapes. They are feminine, glamour and can give the perfect look to a outfit. I like the colours they are so vibrant and the jewels used in the purses and shoes make them so unique.

Sergio Rossi Shoes and Christian Louboutin Shoes

Burberry Purses and Miu Miu Shoes

Mark Jacobs Bag and Chanel Shoes

Miu Miu Handbags and Viktor & Rolf Shoes

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fierce is.....

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....very Fierce!!!!

That`s all I can say.

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It`s really amazing.I love it.They did great job.I love all articles."Make-up" articles are awesome.Also,"The Military Madness".I`m speechless.I really am.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010


The new season started, I love spring and summer, it's time to make some changes in our dolls. Below you can see what are the best looks for spring / summer 2010. I selected several styles so get inspirated. On the Catwalks we see fresh-faced, natural, much with a smooth finish fairy tale. We also see baby pink coral mixed with bright, floaty colours with porcelain skin and perfect finish.
This season colored eyes are back, but with a new found sophistication unlike last year. The glare of neon trend of winter has gone and in their place are tons of pastel. The faces are fresh, with a flawless finish. Lips are colored in pink.

So you like the new trends in makeup for the Spring Season Summer 2010?

Hot Buy's Headband

Hey Everyone! The Hot Buy's Givenchy Inspired Headband has been released! Though on the tag it dose not say 'Hot Buy'?? It is probably just a glitch and they will get it fixed soon I would thing , SO

will YOU be buying it?

(credit for picture to Stadoll's Most Wanted)


Hello, finally im on Easter holidays and had time to judge some comps. These where the most creative of all that's why they win. In my opinion they made a great job, congratulations girls.
Each winner will recive 135 stardollars prize.


Ke$ha Dress-up Comp


Friday, March 26, 2010


Well, as you probably have already realised, or maybe you haven't yet, there is a sale in the starplaza.
Image below, and more..

e started to only buy hotbuys now and wait for the other things to go on sale to save up my stardollars.

Spend wisely. ;]

NEW LE Coming Soon

Hey, There is New LE Coming Soon.

Click the Link to see them:
Thnx to Stardoll's Most Wanted/HotBuysBazaar.blogspot.com


I really like some of the clothes like the Dresses (Beige/Pink and Blue one) and the Black Swimsuit.
What do u think of the doll and Clothes?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I decided to do a RAFFLE of 135 stardollars each time we have more 50 followers, when i decided that we had 77 followers so today i look and we have 101 followers. We need more 24 followers, i will pick 1 and that person will win 135 stardollars.
I also want to remind that every month i will choose someone that coment all the posts made on the blog, the prize is 135 stardollars too.
Today is 24 of march so i will choose someone soon from the the followers that coment the posts.


Grace Kelly was a amazing actress on the fifties, i already saw her movies. I like her syle, she is a icon even today people hadn't forget about her style and her beauty. Below you can see some pictures of her. I decided to do a comp.


You have to create a look, use what you want, stickers, Suite shop pieces or clothes.
Below you have some pictures just to have a idea, you can choose 1 or look on the internet for another picture.
Change your doll hair to look like her, don't forget about the make-up. For non-supertars i don't count the make-up. You can do on the scenerys on VIP-DOLLS CLUB, you can do on your album or do a printscreen and do on Starplaza. i acept others pictures but you have to do a printscreen so i can compare.
Write here on the coments or on the VIP-DOLLS topic.
The prize is 135 stardollars
Can enter non-superstars and supertars
There must be 30 persons on the comp or i cancel
The dealine date is 3 of april od 2010
The most creative will be the winner.
To join this comp you must be a member of VIP-DOLLS CLUB
Good lucky

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hello, this 3 designers are amazing, im speaking about threeASFOUR.

The Team:
threeASFOUR (left to right): Ange Donhauser, Gabi Asfour, and Adi Gil
It looks a art work but it's wearable
Look the shape it's so feminine
A assimetric corset just made by a rope
Some of the details that they use on their pieces
So do you like?

Do you think that they are creative?

600th Post! Graphic!

Hey! In my blog (44nicole44.blogspot.com), It was my 600th Post! To celebrate, I made a graphic called...
Cherry Blossom in the wood's!
What do you think?

Do you like it?

Do you ever read Stardoll Magazine??

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Hey everyone!!
I`m sorry for not posting :O
How are you all?I`m great :D

I wanna Congrats to this blog for being nominated on "Stardoll Freakshow Awards"(Best Blog)

Well,Stardoll Magazine...
Do you ever read it??I do.I didn`t before,but now I do.It`s quite interesting.I love "Street Chic Daily"
Also,you can find there a lot of "Celebritie News"...
If you don`t already read it,you should definitely start!!
Click HERE

Today Street Chic Daily

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I like this outfit.Hm,mabye not so much.But,it`s interesting.This colorful cape is so..colorful :O
Haha..no,I like it.I love colors.I like the bag and boots...

What do you think about it?Do you like posts like this?Should I pick every day or week the best outfit from that Street Chic Daily?Write in comments your opinion.