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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Bad side of being Famous on Stardoll:

Hey Everybody,
I am so happy today, I won CoverGirl and browsing all GuestBook Comments wishing me the best I came through some not that good, those Inspired me to this Post:

Being Famous or well-known in blogs means you have haters, people that hate you becuase they cannot do what you do or that are not well-known as you.

Here are some examples:

1 - People will start writing at you: Stop saying I am ugly. While you havent said anything.
2 - Some people will accuse you for stealing their Stardoll Lips. They are available for everyone, still they think not.
3 - People can be mean and say rude things so others will visit their suite.

I promise I will do more topics showing more about the Famous Stardoll.


  1. i agree. congrats on winning covergirl btw. :)


    Wanna be much? :)

  3. Wooo! Congratulations! =D
    Ignore the hateful people.

  4. Those are pretty mild actually, you should see the ones I get.:P But congrats again!

  5. LOL now THIS is a great post! :)
    I had no idea about these things. It's quite funny to see how some people can be ridiculous.

  6. people are mean just because they are jelaous. they hated me, and some still hate me, write mean comments, and honestly, those comments can sometimes really make me fell bad, but most times I just delete them and forget they ever exsisted