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Monday, March 15, 2010

Non-Superstars fashion Look Comp

Non-Superstars fashion Look Comp

I did a post on Hotbuybazaar.blogspot.com and today is on Stardoll Magazine that is possible a Non-superstar be fashion. So i want you create a fashion look on Starplaza only with Non-superstars clothes.

Can join non-superstar and superstars, do a printscreen and post on this topic or in the club topic when is done. You must be member of my Club VIP-DOLLS to join the Comp.

The prize is 135 stardollars and must be 30 persons on the comp or i cancel the comp.

The dealine is 21 of march. I want to see amazing looks, use your imagination, the most creative will be the winner.

Good Lucky


  1. Cool! I'll join but I won't get my entry in till at least tomorrow

  2. Why do superstars get to compete in a nonsuperstar competition?

  3. I saw it in the stardoll magazine. Coolio. ;]
    I made my entry.Here it is:
    I hope you like it..

  4. http://prikachi.com/files/1445302b.jpg Here's my entry.

  5. I made an outfit. :)
    It wasn't very good, but it was fun to make it.