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Monday, January 31, 2011

Make up article inspierd by the sea

Hello everyone, let's start on this week make up article.
I decided to do make up inspierd by the sea.
1.Use short mascara.
2.Use black eyeliner on the corners of the eye.
3. Then find black and white eyepencil.
4.First use the white eyepencil on the corners of the eye.
5.Then u can use the black eyepencil on the rest.
6.I found the colors that I like, I chose baby blue and black.
7.I use alot of black eyeshadow on the eyelid.
8.Then I put some babyblue eyeshadow over the black eyeshadow but I leave some of the black eyeshadow.
9.I forgot to put some white eyeshadow on the corners of the eyelid, you don't have to do that, everyone have there own taste.
10.I found light light baby pink blush that u can hardly see, but I think it makes some effect and I really like it.
11.I used lipstick in the same color as the skin and little lipgloss on the over lip.
12.You can just use any accessories you like.
I hope you like this make up, please tell me if you have any suggestion.
Kisses SDZ ;**

Sunday, January 30, 2011



Hello everyone, it's been a while that i have a new comp on my blog so i had the idea of having another dress-up comp. This time the shop is Bisou and every week i intend to do a new shop.
On this comp you must create a creative outfit with clothes of BISOU Shop on Starplaza dressing room, that means you don't need to buy any clothe and spent stardollars.

Can enter non-superstars and superstars
Don't forget the make-up you can use on Starplaza too.
Use acessories like earings, necklaces
Do a printscreen and write the link here or on the club topic

The prize is 135 stardollars

The deadline date is 10 of February

Can enter superstars and non-superstars
There must be 30 entries or i cancel da comp
The winner will be the most creative outfit.
To enter on this comp you must be a member of my club:


Good lucky

Free Segway & Cape

Thanks to The Stardoll Blossom for the information!

A new campaign started in Italy named Mordimi. Today we can snatch a free cape and a segway.

(thanks to USD for the picture) 

1. Log out of Stardoll.

2.Delete your Browsing History

3.Turn on your proxy to Port 80 

4. Log into Stardoll

5. Paste this link into the Url-bar of your browser and hit enter :

6. Join the Club and the segway will be in your suite.


7. For the cape you have to watch a movie in the StarCinema :


8. Wait a few seconds and the cape is in your suite:] 
xxx supperstarvanni

Saturday, January 29, 2011

We don't Want!!!!

Hi readers!! i made a graphic to give stardoll our opinion about the DISNEYDOLL idea
so here is the graphic (If the news are real and not fake) you can post it on your blogs and other Stardoll websites.....
(The picture is from 1SD back petition)
Hope those news aren't true.....xoxo Hanae785

Please put this on your blog if you agree

Ok so I'm really mad also sad all at once.
If stardoll becomes Disney doll then most of the friends I made are going including me and it's making me very uspset.
I heard that the big switch is December 2012 wich is less than a year.
I'm very mad I hope stardoll doesn't do It so I made a graphic about it and if you agree with me then you'll put it on your blog too.

Hope to see good news and hope stardoll looks at this graphic and changes there mind..I'm dreaming it but I'm not giving up.

Fallen angel hotbuys jacket is out!

So The fallen angel HB jacket is out!
It's in my opinion a very pretty jacket but i wish it was open and the color black.
I give it a score of 8/10 its a very cute jacket.
What do you think of it?
will you buy it?


Hi readers!!! is so Important!!  
Stardoll want to sell Stardoll toDisney!!!
read that
Please if you are with us and you don't want that Disney buy Stardoll contact Stardoll and stop that payment
with my love....xoxoHanae785

Friday, January 28, 2011

Today's Shameful Spoilers

A few days ago in the spoilers, we got these two hideous robe things:
My opinion on these two is not very good. What do you think?? Tell us in the coments. Will they be free? Will they be for something special? 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

February Hotbuys

Ok, first of all, I'm proud to say: We are the first blog who posted about this!!!
Hahah ok, now to get to the hotbuys. Here they are:
Here are the release dates:
February 1st: Hotbuys Dotted Jacket (Evil Panda)
February 4th: Hotbuys Double Belt (RIO)
February 8th: Hotbuys Vest (Fallen Angel)
February 10th: Hotbuys Fluffy Earings (Splendid)
February 12th: Hotbuys Sweater (Evil Panda)
February 14th: Hotbuys Striped Dress (Fudge)
February 17th: Hotbuys Shoes (Stardoll)
February 20th: Hotbuys Tee top (Fudge)
February 24th: Hotbuys Dress (Bisou)
"January" 26th: Hotbuys Stardoll Bag (Pretty in Pink)
(Lol, apparently yet again, a stardoll glitch! Last hotbuy says January instead of February!)
Check it out before they fix it here: 
Or you can just take a look here:

Now for my review!
Hotbuys Dotted Jacket: I don't think it's that bad, but honestly I'm not impressed... I would definitely buy it, but It's not one of my favorite Hotbuys. I give it a 5/10.

Hotbuys Double Belt: I honestly don't think like it. It's good for making unique outfits, but I just can't imagine how much it will cost. I think I will buy it. Rating: 6/10.

Hotbuys Vest: Hmmm, this just doesn't look like a Hotbuy to me. I looks more like an everyday new arrival to the starplaza. I do like it, but since its a Hotbuy, it will obviously be overpriced. I might buy it. I give it a fair 6/10.
Hotbuys Fluffy Earings: Wow, the more I look at them, the more I like them. I think these might just be on my must haves list. I give them a generous 8/10 for their bright color.
Hotbuys Sweater: I like this piece. Its not my favorite, but I might buy it. Color is nice, I like the strawberry, the only thing that might bug me is the price... For a hotbuy, it deserves a 6/10.
Hotbuys Striped Dress: This dress makes me think of Katy Perry. I think the color is great, the design is not the best though. Sorry, 5/10 from me.
Hotbuys Shoes: I like these simple black heels, but from a hotbuy, I just expect more. As an accessory, it's a must have. I'm buying! 7/10
Hotbuys Tee top: One of my favorite pieces! "I want more" say it all! Color is nothing special, but somehow it tells me I should buy it... 7/10
Hotbuys Dress: Do I really have to say anything? I hope you agree with me that this is nothing but a cheap piece of crap. What outfit could you possibly make with this?! Lol, colors look terrible together, and I'm not a big fan of the design either. Reminds me of a potato sack... 3/10
Hotbuys Stardoll Bag: My favorite February Hotbuy! It's just so perfect for me! The perfect accessory, simply completes any outfit! Any perfect outfit, that is. I give it an outstanding 9/10. It's a must have!

Now remember, these are my opinions. Don't forget to leave yours! Oh and hope you didn't forget, I'm doing this because we are still looking for Hotbuys writers. (You can look at this post as an example of a good Hotbuys post.)

Free Surfing Skirt and Surfboard

Today there is an Australia Day contest in Australia, where you can snatch a PSP surfboard and a surfing skirt for free !

If you are from Germany click  HERE and enter the contest!

If you aren't from Australia,follow these steps :

1. Use an australian Proxy like →  australiaproxy.com

2.Logg into Stardoll

3. Paste this link into the Url-box of the proxy :


4. Hit enter, leave the proxy and go to regular Stardoll :P

xxx supperstarvanni


Hello everyone, today we have once again sales on Starplaza with 50% discount. I like very much sales because there is always someting nice to buy.

Will you buy anything this time?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hot buys faux fur hat is out!

The new HB faux fur hat is out now in starplaza!
It costs 7 stardollars (ss only).
Find it under "new" and in Evile Panda store.
What do you think of it?
Will you/have you/would you buy it?

New stores: PopShop & Tangled

Firstly, there's a Tangled store in starplaza (Based on the animated movie Tangled).
A lot of things are non-ss (YAY).
Do you like what they have?
Will you/have you/would you buy anything?
And will you watch the movie?

The seconds store is called Tokyo PopShop!
Find it in Decor in Starplaza!
There are currently 2 floors.
Do you like anything? =D
Will you be buying anything?

Have an awesome day! =D
& enjoy the rest of January.

Free Pink Shoes

Hiiya Honeeys :)

Kay,there is a new contest in Germany, where you can snatch pink shoes !!

If you are from Germany click  HERE and enter the contest!

If you aren't from Germany,follow these steps :

1. Use a german Proxy like → 4proxy.de

2.Logg into Stardoll

3. Paste this link into the Url-box of the proxy :


4. Hit enter, leave the proxy and go to regular Stardoll :P

xxx supperstarvanni


Hey everyone! I'm so sorry for not posting and being such a bad blogger... Well here are some of todays spoilers:
I like some of them, and the blue puffy things are earings! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Free Tangled Dress

Hiya :D

Today you can snatch a free Rapunzel Tangled Dress.

Follow these steps :

1. You have to connect your Stardoll account with your Facebook.

If you have not already done so, go to :

  and click on "Connect to Facebook"

2. Go to :

and "Like" the page.

3. Refresh the website and then a game will appear :

4.Click on "Click to Play and Clain Your Free Stardoll Gift"

5. You have to play the game. Underneath the game you'll see a name of a famous Disney comic star and you have to choose 1 of 9 pictures and click on the right hair of the Disney comic star!

 6. After the game Facebook will forward you to Stardoll and the dress is in your suite.

 Understand everything? So, what are you waiting for ? GET THE DRESS :D

-Credit goes to browseinstardoll-

xxx supperstarvanni 

Beauty Parlor updated again......*

Update.. Glitch to my BP!! Teeth are coloured as well :P Does this happen to you??
Beauty Parlor is updated again!
You have the option to make your doll bigger or smaller+ SS eyes+SS lips!!
What a surprise!!

What do you think of this change?
Do you like BP like how it is now or before the makeover?
xoxo , sa...gataki

Monday, January 24, 2011

The new HB dress is out in starplaza now!
Find it in Rio or under "new".
It costs 18 stardollars (ss only).
What do you think of it?
Will you/have you/ would you buy it?

Have a nice day! =D


Hi readers our sweety Filipinhamaria is running for COVERGIRL so please vote here 5/5 by going to her suite by that link

Hope you make her dream real
xoxo Hanae785

Make up tutorial!

Hi guys, I'm sorry how long it's being.
I have been sooo busy with my exams and this drama play.
But now let's start, I tryed to do make up inspierd by Taylor Swift I hope u like it!
1. I used short mascara.
2. Then I found white and black eyeliner and like u can see, I put the white one on the corners of the eye and black on the end of the eye.
3.To make some more effect I used white eyeshadow, on the corners of the eyelid.
4. I found some olive and dark green eyeshadows.
5. I put darkgreen eyeshadow the rest of the eyelid, but be careful to not put it on the white eyeshadow.
6.Then to make a finall touch on the eyes, I used the olivegreen teyeshadow on the middle of the eyelid.
7.Lips, I just love red lipstick so I decided to make it just simple and use one of my red lipsticks and some lipgloss over it.
8. You can use just any accessories u want.
I really hope u like this tutorial, I'll propable post another one this week.
Please tell me if u have any suggestions!
Love u all, kisses SDZ ;*

Offer - 50& More Stardollars

Heey Guys ;)

Today i got this message from Stardoll :

If we buy more Stardollars,Stardoll will give us 50% extra for free!

For people, who have no money at the moment, the offer is perfect!

xxx supperstarvanni

Sunday, January 23, 2011

HB top and bag out!

2 new Hotbuys are out in starplaza!
1) The HB stardoll rocks top.
Find it in Fudge or under "New".
It costs 12 stardollars (ss only)

2)HB stardoll cotton bag.
Find it in Pretty in Pink or under "new".
It costs 9 stardollars (ss only).

What do you think of them?
Would you/have you/will you be buying any of them?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Make-Up Tips

Hi Fashionitas!! As i promess you i will post today MAKE-UP tips that ispired by BOURJOIS PARIS MAKE-UP and the other by a Caftan Model MAKE-UP
If you like the idea of MAKE-UP i will post it every Saturday with different occasional and sesonial MAKE-Up
So enjoy....

In Violetta MAKE-UP i try to put three effects of Purple Light one,Medium one and then hard one that really gives great effects and Lips i try that they be pumppy like we say i put a hot pink Lipstic then Light Pink Lipstic to give that great intense and in the end i put the lip gloss for shiny lips
The Violetta Style is around the purple colour put a purple dress(short dress will be more good) then add some accesories with Purple and Black coulour. Trust me that will be an amazing Look and it depends to you

In Bourjois Paris Inspired Make-Up i was searching for a Spring and a Winter effect in the same time so i found that one that i like it
In that MAKE-UP Blue,Green and orange coulours are important...First i put Blue Colour around the eye with a small opacity then a orange one and on the top of the aye near to the eyebrows put a white colour that will eclat the colours and in the end put green shadow near to the nose middle.For the lips you should give them a goldy effect so i do a melange of colors of Orange and Yellow for an amazing effect then the lip gloss for shiny lips..
Hope ou enjoy the tips and if you like it i will post it every Saturday
With my love...xoxo Hanae785