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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Free Segway & Cape

Thanks to The Stardoll Blossom for the information!

A new campaign started in Italy named Mordimi. Today we can snatch a free cape and a segway.

(thanks to USD for the picture) 

1. Log out of Stardoll.

2.Delete your Browsing History

3.Turn on your proxy to Port 80 

4. Log into Stardoll

5. Paste this link into the Url-bar of your browser and hit enter :

6. Join the Club and the segway will be in your suite.


7. For the cape you have to watch a movie in the StarCinema :


8. Wait a few seconds and the cape is in your suite:] 
xxx supperstarvanni


  1. I don't like this one & did I sad that I hate manual proxy's so no thx, but thx :D

  2. i don't like this either , but thanks for the tip .