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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Free Tangled Dress

Hiya :D

Today you can snatch a free Rapunzel Tangled Dress.

Follow these steps :

1. You have to connect your Stardoll account with your Facebook.

If you have not already done so, go to :

  and click on "Connect to Facebook"

2. Go to :

and "Like" the page.

3. Refresh the website and then a game will appear :

4.Click on "Click to Play and Clain Your Free Stardoll Gift"

5. You have to play the game. Underneath the game you'll see a name of a famous Disney comic star and you have to choose 1 of 9 pictures and click on the right hair of the Disney comic star!

 6. After the game Facebook will forward you to Stardoll and the dress is in your suite.

 Understand everything? So, what are you waiting for ? GET THE DRESS :D

-Credit goes to browseinstardoll-

xxx supperstarvanni 


  1. Aww, okay - I won't get it, but thanks :) x

  2. Oh too bad I don't have FB account, soo I'll pass this one. Dress looks a lot like one from Narnia just different colors.

  3. eh i'm not gonna get it , it doesn't even look that nice of a dress.