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Monday, January 10, 2011

What the .. ?

Hello :)

Yesterday I got that message. And my first thougths was: What the ...?
I really don't know why people send stupid things like that. Ofcourse I dodn't opet that page because it COULD BE VIRUS.

&& Remember; Pages that are weird or you just couldn't trust them- DON'T opet them!
I'm sure Stardoll wll let us know if there will be any change.


I have new banner - THANKS to fashiongirl.


  1. thank you for warning us :) That's a bit of a weird thing to send someone... :/

  2. yh it is!!
    its just soo tempting to open it and see wht it is but id NEVER do it!! lolzx

  3. Thanks for warning it . :O
    i'm actually tempted to open it too ..
    it's probably some kind of scam or like you said a virus :P

  4. Thx 4 the warning, I didn't got that message but sure I'm not soo stupid to trust them.