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Monday, January 31, 2011

Make up article inspierd by the sea

Hello everyone, let's start on this week make up article.
I decided to do make up inspierd by the sea.
1.Use short mascara.
2.Use black eyeliner on the corners of the eye.
3. Then find black and white eyepencil.
4.First use the white eyepencil on the corners of the eye.
5.Then u can use the black eyepencil on the rest.
6.I found the colors that I like, I chose baby blue and black.
7.I use alot of black eyeshadow on the eyelid.
8.Then I put some babyblue eyeshadow over the black eyeshadow but I leave some of the black eyeshadow.
9.I forgot to put some white eyeshadow on the corners of the eyelid, you don't have to do that, everyone have there own taste.
10.I found light light baby pink blush that u can hardly see, but I think it makes some effect and I really like it.
11.I used lipstick in the same color as the skin and little lipgloss on the over lip.
12.You can just use any accessories you like.
I hope you like this make up, please tell me if you have any suggestion.
Kisses SDZ ;**


  1. Very nice, but i can't find anywhere blue eyeshadow except in DOT & thats expensive 4 me.

  2. Aww, it's amazing! Well done :D

  3. Very nice makeup. I always have trouble controlling the eye shadow and blush brushes...they tend to bounce around a lot! I use the undo button a lot! Lol