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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hotbuys Real Versions

Hello readers I was searching and searching for something new on stardoll and i didn't find any thing so i decided to show you some real versions of Hotbuys
I think those Hotbuys aren't really good is just my opinion i don't know if you have the same but those clothes aren't my style exept the "Stud Jacket" and "Hotbuys shoes" that i find cute... any way those are the real versions enjoy with them...
And also if you like the ne banner that i made please say it in comment that will be a great thing cause i really do hard work by drawing the skeen... with my love
xoxo Hanae785

Alexander McQueen dress, pants & boots

Miu Miu skirt
(Thanks HB Addicted!)


(I found a lot more of versions in deferent markets.. wanna to post them say on comment and i will do it quikly)


  1. hi ı love your blog so much ı an be writer of your blog:)

  2. cool, but I prefer them in real life :) x

  3. I prefer them in real life too !(: