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Monday, January 3, 2011

stardoll Fashion Magazine

Hello Fashionitas!! Cause is the start of 2011 and all wanna have good projects i decided to do a STARDOLL FASHION MAGAZINE that will be on 12 junary!! but i'm really wondering for a cute medolls like yours to be models in the magazine!! So if you think you are enought talented to enter just apply with your Stardoll name and usual work nickname you want for also you should give an idea for a magazine topic that we will post togheter!! So what are you waiting!! apply now and have the chance to be a popular medoll on stardoll knowing by her work in a Fashion Magazine of Stardoll!!
So you like the idea? Follow those steps for a working apply:
1°Give us a look of your medoll that should be very creative
2°Give a fashion or make-up or dcorating idea that will show us your sense of creative
3°Be Honest in the work

So apply now!! is a job!! and all of us will be payed by amazing things!! is a secret that i will tell it to the team members!!

With my love!! xoxo hanae785


  1. Me? sweet_red_blood
    I just re-did my doll & I find it unique :]

  2. I think that I can help you!! I`m not ss but my doll has amazing clothes, shoes and accesories! and the best I`m a true fashionist and I have a lot of ideas for the magazine, trust me I read the best fashion magazine! :)

    For example in the cover must to be the most popular girl of stardoll, interviews, articles about how to get the best outfits in stardoll and i`ll tell you other ideas soon If you choose me!

    My nick name is MissBetany1992

  3. Maybe me, dieBrInI06. My doll is a little bit of skater and grunge style. And that would also be my idea for the magazine. "Don't tell me what to do!" as motto and then some teenager spraying graffiti, skating and some grannys who complain :)

  4. Chloe275? I love girly things - pale pinks, flowers, dresses :)
    I have a magazine as my album - so i know what's going on :)

  5. About the 2nd one, you mean decorate our suites?

  6. fairydew: no you propose an idea of decorating a trick to meke the room creative!! you should do it by your own medoll and tinypic and if we like it with your look we will post it and you'll be a medoll

  7. Yeah i think it's a great idea .
    But i don't knooww .

  8. http://i52.tinypic.com/ztyqop.jpg

    Hope you like it ;)

  9. hii, my stardoll name is LoRayn-xx

    my style:
    make-up- http://i52.tinypic.com/i5nonc.jpg
    outfit- http://i54.tinypic.com/fw4rhf.jpg
    suite- http://i51.tinypic.com/fc16pv.jpg

    hope you like it! :D

    my idea for the mag would be like to put a 'most embarassing moment' part in the mag? maybe? lol, one of my fave part of mags are the most embarrasing parts lol its really funny XD