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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Graphic improvements(?) on stardoll hair

That's right. If you take a look at the hairstyles in beauty parlor THE HAIR IS CHANGED!
Well not completely, but a LOT look better.
And a few look worse (In my opinion).
See for yourself.
Do you like the changes?
I think non-ss is quite lucky now. ;D

Here is an example:

(This is the same hairstyle with the new graphics (left) with the old graphic of the hair beside it (right). (Yes that on the right is my old medoll.. ¬_¬)


  1. yeah, I agree - some look better, some don't :) x

  2. Nice, I might try out some Non-SS hair again ..

  3. Agreed .
    some do look better than others .
    They also added new eyebrows :DD
    which i can't wait to try out !

  4. Finally I was asking myself when they gonna change the hair, they should give non-ss some new hair too.