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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New stores: PopShop & Tangled

Firstly, there's a Tangled store in starplaza (Based on the animated movie Tangled).
A lot of things are non-ss (YAY).
Do you like what they have?
Will you/have you/would you buy anything?
And will you watch the movie?

The seconds store is called Tokyo PopShop!
Find it in Decor in Starplaza!
There are currently 2 floors.
Do you like anything? =D
Will you be buying anything?

Have an awesome day! =D
& enjoy the rest of January.


  1. OMG .
    i love the new stores.
    i bought all the wigs (:
    & the pop shop whatever store , has really nice furniture .
    they're not that expensive , they range from 4sd - maybe 2O sd i think ?

  2. The Tangled store isn't in the US.

  3. OOh, I LOVE the popshop :D I'm not too keen on the tangled store, but meh.

  4. i like just couple of things in popshop & those wigs from Tangled are not 4 my taste.