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Thursday, January 6, 2011


So, first i'm sorry for doesn't make any posts those days :/...
In second i want to know if you like The last Stardoll Collection called "Not fur real"? Fist, i like this clothes, but they look bad quality... Like a lot of new stuffs in SD....
Yesterday Sd make a new doll ; Olivia Wilde, to remenber she's an actress and she play in Dr House ;).

I have a new banner as you've seen ;) !

And last thing, today i wish i'll be Covergirl, so if you please help me and vote 5/5 ;). Hope you'll help me to realase my dream ;). (my username is Houshka)

Thank for reading to all my dear and ily' readers. Xoxo, Houshka;).


  1. your banner is very beautiful :)
    Unlike the new clothes from Stardoll - they're gross...

  2. Hello .
    Someone already posted about the Fur Styled outfits thing.
    & Yeah i love your banner (:

  3. Nice banner & very nice pose too, great job girl.