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Friday, April 30, 2010


One of the trends of this season are drapes, they are perfect for sculpting the female figure with sexy curved lines. I think we look so feminine with dresses with drapes. To do a drape in a dress is intricate stitching technique. All the fashion houses make their own versions of this complicated action in their collections. These dresses below are from Lavin 2010 Spring and Summer Collection. They look masterly cut in my opinion. so i decided to do a comp in my club VIP-DOLLS.


You must create a dress with drapes made by pieces of Suite shop, you can use what you want, curtains is a good piece to create drapes. U don't need to do any of these dresses of the pictures i only add the pictures for you to have a idea how is a drape.
There must be 30 persons on the comp or i cancel the comp
The prize is 135 stardollars
Can join superstars and non-superstars
Do the dress on your album and dont forget the back ground
The deadline date is 10 of may.
To be on this comp you must be a member of my club VIP-DOLLS
Good lucky everyone


Hello Everyone!(:
Lotta here again, this time bringing you a segment
about an amazing designer!
BlackMambaYeah's designs are incredible! (:
Diamonds.. Popcorn... Pretzels.. Cellphones?
I'll bet she can custom design :P
Need a cheap RC clothing?
Haha, look no further!
This made me laugh.
Mary-kate RC tunic replica.

New StarDesign

Helloo Everyone.

Today I was in StarDesign Interior, designing some very unsuccessful designs of my own x] when I spotted this! You can now design butterflies, and customize the nature-themed rooms in your suite with your very own designed butterflies! They come out to look quite cute. (: It costs 5 stardollars.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Furniture Menu

Hi Everyone(:
Just a cool little thing I noticed...
When buying furniture items from starplaza, they can be clicked on
and this menu screen will come up, and you can choose to buy multiple of
these items.

Kinda Short post.
Just something cute I noticed.
Bye. x]

Color Shuffle is back

I am tired of seeing girls advertising their BFF's in blogs, while they still don't understand they should not.

This inpired me of bringing Color Shuffle back, so every 5 days we will have a poll for it and if you don't know what Color Shuffle is:



Hey guys. I hate advertsing and stuff, but I just wanted to let all you readers know about this massive competition that is going on in my blog [inspiring-stardoll.blogspot.com] that you could win some amazing prizes. Just click here for the post and all the rules and details. You must be a follower, and sign that topic. You must sign before the 1st of May and at least 5 or more must sign, or it will close. You can win 75, 100 or 200 SD. :D

Also, I have a new blog called 101 Things I Love About Fashion. Click here to visit it, please follow!

x Leah

Who wants Cheese?

I saw in starplaza today a dress, that freaked me out a little, cus it looked like a slice of holey swiss cheese!

It's kinda pretty, and for the Queen's Day campaign.

Sorry for such a short entry :P

x Leah

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello, hello baby! (:

My very good friend (or BFF!) LauriaJane is running for Covergirl today, April 28th 2010, and I would be so grateful if you would vote her 5/5! Lauria is amazingly sweet and creative! She really deserves a 5/5, let's make her our CG! :)

Get the look: Boho Chic

Hey fashionistas! I didn't have much time for posting lately, and I wasn't really inspired...
Anyway, I saw that Filipa's posts about acessories were becaming very popular, so I thought that you might be interested in read more stuff about fashion and less about the boring stardoll.

Well, enough talk about me. Let's start with the real post:

The Boho Chic Style

This style has been featured a lot in the stardoll magazine, so I thought it would be a good style for starting.
The boho chic style is not just about wearing some etnic clothes. It is probably the style which defines better your personality. It became very popular after celebrities like the Olsen twins and Sienna Miller were spotted wearing this style. It's a great style to wear in Spring, because it's colourful, comfortable and it has lots of fun prints!

Get the look:

1. Think eXtra Large: The boho chic style is all about big bracelets, long vests and oversized dresses. That was makes it so comfortable and attractive. This way you'll look beautiful without spending a lot of time in front of a mirror! :)

2.Acessorize: You'll never get a boho chic look without a pair of ''gympsy earrings'' and couple of rings in your hands. The best thing about this style is that you can wear how many jewelry you want! Printed bracelets are also good pieces of jewelry which always look good in any boho outfit!
To finish the look, don't forget your XL bag!

3. Be colorful: The best way to be colorful is using a printed dress/skirt. As you're wearing boho chic you don't need to be worried if there are too many colors in your outfit! The best colors to match a boho look are brown, orange, bright blue, purple and of course beige!

4. DIY: You can make your own boho chic belts, by adding some flowers or leaves to an ordinary belt. You can also do it with your bags, or with anything you'd like. That way you'll get new items without spending money!

5. Be yourself: You don't need to wear fur coats or a whole printed outfit to get a boho chic look! You can start by adding small boho things to your outfts, like a fun necklace or a colorful headband. All it matters is that you love your style and everyone else will love it for sure!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Antidote is out!

The new Antidote collection for spring is out! It's very colourful. The amount is limited, so buy now before it runs out! And of course, it's pricey, as expected.
There are 3 levels, take a look at them.

What do you think of the new collection? =]
What is your favorite piece? (If any)

Have a nice day! =]

Prints are Popular!

Again, searching around in the starplaza, stardoll releases such different clothes, some horrible and wacky, some elegant and beauty. Looking around I noticed prints are very popular in the new section(: I collected a few of my favourites and see which one you like best!

Also, notice that each label has the word 'Print' in it? Go to starplaza and check it yourself!
Personally, my favourite casual wear has got to be the last Photo Print Tank, pretty cheap and casual, yet stylish in a nice way. If I was to dress up in a print, I would choose the Pretty in Pink; Magenta Print Dress.
xx Leah

Bargain Hunt

Ayee! I was looking around the shops for any new things to post about and decided, why not start my own thing? So I have decided to have a special weekly 'event' only issued in this blog. It's called Bargain Hunt and it's all about finding bargains in the starbazaar! Each week I will find bargains featured in only one brand, today that brand is Bisou. I love Bisou, the clothes are always facinating and nice, you can make such stunning outfits with each piece!

I created a picture of all my favourite finds under 10 stardollars in one search. They are pretty nice clothes, and so cheap, some you can even afford within your daily earned 5 stardollars!

Whats your favourite bargain above and why? Tell me in the comments, I'd really like to know!
My absolute favourite is the playsuit. It's a childish memory wearing those sorts of mini things a while back, and they look great on the doll. Just put a black or white singlet underneath, some boots, flats or runners and you have made a pretty casual yet sweet looking outfit! :D

x Leah

Monday, April 26, 2010



Hello everyone i had this idea for a new comp, we all know how important colours are when we make a outfit. This spring summer 2010 it's a must to have a TOTAL LOOK. This means a look in just 1 colour, so this week we are going to begin with white and every task we will have a diferent colour. You must create a look all made in white, be creative, you can use earings and neckless in others colours, but shoes, clothes or bag must be in white. Create on your album, you can use clothes, pieces of Suite Shop, stickers, whatever u want. Just remember to use imagination, i give big value to tht.

Can enter non-superstars and superstars
Be inspired and suprise me
The prize will be 135 stardollars Must be 30 persons on the comp or i cancel the comp Dont forget the background when you create the outfit
Deadline date is 8 of may
Post here or in the club topic when you are ready
You must be a member of my CLUB VIP-DOLLS to enter on this comp.
Good lucky everyone

Bye-Bye DKNY or?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When I log in in Stardoll today I saw this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Probably you saw it too.

Is that bye-bye DKNY forever?I mean,look at that sale in starplaza (in DKNY shop).Did you ever see crazier sale then this :O
It`s DKNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe they`ll release new collection soon,but I think they won`t.I think they will remove DKNY shop from starplaza.

They should release "TopShop" or some shop with McQueen clothes.I will be very grateful if they do something like that.

What do you think?What new shop would you like to see in starplaza??


Serenity Magazine

Amazing, right?

Gothribbon Running for CG!

Hey Everyone! Our well-known guest blogger on Hot Buys Bazaar is Running for CG! This is none other than the one and only Goth Ribbon! She is well-known for her great designs, and I'd say she deserves the ":D" on the CG Meter! :)
Vote her Today! (:

New Blog

I guys take a look at my new blog click HERE to see
and make sure to follow it

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Machine Magazine Spoiler

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts recently.
I was recently exclusively sent the machine magazine spoiler. The magazine is owned by Sophia [MiSS-SOPHiA], and if the spoiler is anything to go by, it promises the be an interesting magazine.

What do you think?


On this Spring 2010 these are the Most Want It pieces. Everyone want them. You can have the most imppecable and fashion wardrobe with them. These are the hot trends, some for raining days and some for sunnys days. I like Fendi Sandals and what about you? Tell us on coments which one you Want It more.

Valentino Sandals and Corset Zimmermann
D & G Shoulder Bag and One Top Vintage Babydoll
Marni Brooches and Diane Von Funsterberg Bracelets
Diane Von Funsterberg Blazer and Fendi Sandals
Chloé Shorts and DKNY Bag xxl
Bottega Veneta Sandals and Roberto Cavalli Dress
Burberry Trench e Betty Jackson Bag
Lacoste handkercief Turban and Jacket Balmain

Gbbe2 style

I wanted to let you all know about this outfit I spotted. Her name is Gbbe2 and I found her outfit today is really nice and stylish. She has used so many different elements, all contrasting in a white and grey pattern. I suggest you click her name above, which takes you to her creative suite. She has taken alot of time into her suite and outfits.

My favourite item in that outfit has got to be the Furry shrug and the beret. The shrug balances the outfits white degree, giving an extra glamorous vibe to the look. The beret is a stylish way to complete a look, you can use it on nearly every outfit! The black just gives a hint of darkness to the outfit, which makes it look hip!

Star rating: ***** 5/5

Leah :)

Collete Dinnigan Dress

Hello again! Today I'm going to post a quick review on the new Collete Dinnagan dress that was released in Starplaza today. I think it is a beautiful dress design, but stardoll could have made it better.

As you can see above, The real life version of the dress brings out more colour of the orange spring touch in the dress, which the stardoll creative lacks a little. I also like how they've done the flowery sparkles. The dress shape is also a stardesign label, so you can have a go at designing a replica!

Star rating: **** 4/5

Leah :)

Hello! :)

Hello everyone! You might have guessed that I am the new writer here at this amazing blog. My name is Leah, but you may know me from stardoll as Destiny_star98.

So you wanna know a bit about me? Im a 12 year old girl living in Australia, who loves reading, writing, and not to mention FASHION! I design graphics, though I am not professional just yet! I design banners for a price, but for blogs they are cheap, sometimes free. Feel free to comment on my posts regarding to graphics. I write for numerous blogs, posting countless amounts each day, but I do get reallly busy with real life stuff, and I'm sorry if I ever lack posts! I'm not entirely sure what else to say about me, I think I've covered everything you need to know!

I have loads of friends on stardoll, whom I all enjoy spending time with and talking to. Before you add me, please read most of the things on my presentation. It would be much better for me to get to know you in my guestbook, so dont request me straight away, unless I have told you on a blog for a competition or something else that involves adding.

On this amazing blog, I will be posting about in general Stardoll Fashion mostly, but also the regular stuiff happening. I'd just like to let you know that me and Fashion are very close, [hehe!] so just be aware of the fact that my posts could get very long and detailed!

- Destiny_star98 [ You may call me Leah!]

Schecid Cute Designs

Hi, i decided every week to have a post about new Designers on Stardoll and today it's about Schecid.
when i went to see designes on Stardesign and i found this cutes t'shirts. They are made by Schecid a girl from Chile. I love the coulours and the shapes. Below you can see some pictures with her designs. She has very good taste in my opinion and her designes have beautifull details.
Visit her suite because she has great designes.