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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Must-Have (Cross Pendant)

I want to continue talking about the "Must-Have" items of Stardoll.

Today's items are Cross Pendants. These necklaces can fit with not many items, but they make outfit look couture and unoriginal. You should buy atleast one cute pendant.

Fashion enthusiasts agree that by 2011, cross necklaces will become an essential part of people’s accessories. Even though there are already plenty of people that use them, fashion experts say that it will be a big trend in the coming year.

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P.S. Sorry for not posting so long, I am so busy at school, at home, and even on stardoll :D I'm really sorry.


  1. cool, i don't have one yet. x)

  2. I have one in real life and I have one for my medoll already. =]

  3. i think i dont have one yet ...thanks for the suggestion =)