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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Summer will be soon, i choose 5 Looks with diferent style each one. We can take ideas with these 5 Styles, from a Glamour Look to use in a cocktail to a field Look to have a walk on country side. Each Style is Beautifull and can be wear during the day or night. The pallete of colours is from soft colours to strong colours. So are u ready to summer, look on Starplaza Shops ideas or maybe in ur closet and be beautifull for summer.

Look Nº1 Glamorous Style
Look Nº2 Beach Style
Look Nº3 Garden Style
Look Nº4 City Style
Look Nº5 Field Sytle


  1. Nice ;) I like Look Nº1 Glamorous Style and Look Nº4 City Style.

  2. I like them!
    They're so pretty. =D