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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cute Sceneries By Crystals Joy!

Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven`t posted in a while, I`ve been on vacation in my lovely home country, Finland! Today, I bring you this...

So, I was just browsing the suites, sceneries and albums of stardoll, when I came across the sceneries of user CrystalsJoy!

I was amazed! THEY WERE TOO CUTE! Elmo, Cookie Monster, Taz, Tweety!

I could see that she worked really hard on them. And it payed off! The coordination of the rooms was great! And it was awesome to look at them!

You should visit her and vote her sceneries 5/5. I think they deserve a good round of applause and two thumbs up! (:


  1. Aw aha they're cute. Also they are great advertising of her designs! =D

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  3. zaixhi told me this was here and I just had to come thank you in person!!! I had So much fun creating, designing and putting those together, SO naturally I am SO excited to see that other people love them too!XOXO! : D

  4. I love them, she did a great job creating all those furniture pieces in the stardesign!

  5. I love the last one with Tweety... :)