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Friday, April 16, 2010

The outfit of the day

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Hii everyone :)

Nothing special on Stardoll.Did you saw the clothes they`re releasing?I know they can do better clothes,much better.I can`t remember when I actually bought something in Starplaza?!:O

Also,I was looking trough some suits,and I was looking for some amazing outfits...and I found one.
Click HERE you need to see this.
Aba (shake-something) did something amazing.She really did great outfit.Look at it.I love her "hat".Or how should I call this what she have on head,it`s brilliant!!!And,the dress is..WOW.Aba,you made me speechless,again;D
 You can not say that you don`t like this outfit.I know you can`t.xDD

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Did you liked my post?What do you think about her outfit?


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