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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bargain Hunt

Ayee! I was looking around the shops for any new things to post about and decided, why not start my own thing? So I have decided to have a special weekly 'event' only issued in this blog. It's called Bargain Hunt and it's all about finding bargains in the starbazaar! Each week I will find bargains featured in only one brand, today that brand is Bisou. I love Bisou, the clothes are always facinating and nice, you can make such stunning outfits with each piece!

I created a picture of all my favourite finds under 10 stardollars in one search. They are pretty nice clothes, and so cheap, some you can even afford within your daily earned 5 stardollars!

Whats your favourite bargain above and why? Tell me in the comments, I'd really like to know!
My absolute favourite is the playsuit. It's a childish memory wearing those sorts of mini things a while back, and they look great on the doll. Just put a black or white singlet underneath, some boots, flats or runners and you have made a pretty casual yet sweet looking outfit! :D

x Leah


  1. i love the furry black vest! it can totally rival hotbuys! and it's not EXPENSIVE! i'm not tooo thrilled about the green playsuit tho. i think the quality isn't that great.

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