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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free tullips!

There are free tullips in the shop, that was few months ago for 3 stardollars. :) BUY IT how much you can, because you can make beautiful garden with them XD

Monday, August 30, 2010

New LE is out!

GO GO GO!!!!
I don't like much of the collection this time, and it's quite small but yeah.
You can't see all the items in the shop, so go to LE in search and you'll see more.
There are also some non-superstar pieces! =D
What do you think of this collection?
Would you be buying anything?

JCP Teen in Spoilers!!

Hii everyone (:

Seems like the JCP Teen will be soon in starplaza.It`s "Back to school" clothes.I really like them.It`s something what I would wear in real life too.

I think the prices won`t be that high :S I will buy couple things.

Thanks to hotbuysbazaar for the pictures

I love the real life items.Those jeans are awesome.And the t-shirts too :DD Love them ;D

What about you.What do you think?Do you like them?Would you ever wear them in real life?Or on Stardoll??Tell us your opinion in comments.

CREDIT TO:Stardoll`s Most Wanted :)

-Mihaela (:


Hello everyone, im going 15 days on holidays to the beach with my friends tomorrow im so happy, it's the first time i go alone in holidays so i intend to have lots of fun. I will take my laptop with me so i be everyday online but not for long time. I have all the comps delay but i will update all and don't worry about the prizes too i will give them on nexts days. During the week i intend to announce new big comps on my blog and club. If someone need to speak with me just leave here on comments a message and i will asnwer as much quickly i can. I be online early morning before i go to the beach and at night before i go out.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hot Buys shoes out!

The new Hot Buys shoes are out in starplaza now!
They are in pretty in pink for 8 stardollars.
I personally like them. =D
What do you think of them?
Will you be buying them?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hot buys string belt is out!

The new hotbuys string belt is out in the starplaza.
It costs 5stardollars in Fallen Angel!
What do you think of it?
Would you buy it?

Stardoll Sequins

Hello :D
This is an invite to my new blog's opening party! Please check it out, I would love it if you would come (: 3 Best Dressed win 10 sd each :) Please post it on your blogs, I would love it if you could come (:

Friday, August 27, 2010

Stardoll and the City

Hii (:

I saw in spoilers before that clothes inspired by DIOR (from Sex&City 2) is coming in starplaza!
 And it finally came!
I really like those items.I will buy alot.The prices are quite high,just like Tribute Stores.
All items are superstars only.Did you expected more from Stardoll?!
The shop is called "Stardoll and the city".

Click on the picture to go to see the other floors and spend some money if you can (:


What do you think about it?Do you like it?Did you bought anything?Or you would?

-Mihaela (:

New RealCeleb ?


There's a new doll on stardoll-CC (?) I have no idea who is it?

Do you know ? Tell us !



On this comp you must create a make-up on your doll with the new make-up from DOT.
You can do on Starplaza and do a printscreen and write here the link or on my club topic.
I want to see creative make-ups, use your imagination, don't forget to use earingS, necklace and acessories like ribbons, headband and so on.
The most creative will be the winner.
The prize is 135 stardollars
can enter supertars and non-superstars
there must be 30 persons on the comp or i cancel da comp
the dealine date is of 13 setember
To enter on this comp you must be a member of my club:


Good lucky


Last Scenery Comp Winner is :


Her scenery is so creative and beautifull, i love the background and the sunset. She will receive a prize of 135 stardollars.


Thursday, August 26, 2010


Moxie Teen Dress up Comp Winner is:


I liked very much her outfit, the colours she used and the acessoiries that she used to create this girly look. She will receive a prize of 135stardollars.


Today, 1 of Big Brother Stardoll co-owners Bruno (kxcatarinaxk) posted the tasks for this week, it was really amazing to see that how good the tasks were, everyone did an amazing job but it was sad to see that a boy & a girl were eliminated for not doing the task but the poll is on and only 1 will get to model for Runway Magazine Winter Issue.

Hurry & give your vote at: www.bigbrotherstardoll.blogspot.com
 -Mihaela (:


I haven't write in this blog for a very long time, so you probably don't remember me.
Well, I'm back and I decided that as stardoll is also a website about celebrities, I'll start writing about them.
Thought it would be nice to have a weekly post about celeb gossip.

So what do you think?



There is again more Dot on spoilers today, so this means soon it will be on Starplaza on sale. I like the mascaras and the eyeliners.

Will you buy?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New sunny bunny out!

The new sunny bunny level is out!
Don't hesitate, the previous one is still available.
What I like about the sunny bunny store is that some is available to non-superstars! =]

What do you think of the new items?
Personally I love it, just like the last. It's adorable. ^-^
Will you be buying anything?

P.s. Like the rainbow writing? ;]

Free Avril Forbidden Rose Parfume

Hii (:

There`s free Forbidden Rose Parfume.I really like it.I could buy it,but I rather bought Black Star cause I think it smells better then Forbidden xP But,I really like the ring from Forbidden Rose :)
If you live in USA it should already be in your suite,if you`re not from USA,then read this above:

Go to webwarper.net

In the blank box copy and paste this: www.stardoll.com/en/

Then just hit ENTER

Login at Stardoll and then go to usual Stardoll and it should be at your suite.

                                                     Thanks to hotbuysbazaar

Do you like that parfume?Do you own it in real life?Do you like Black Star more?:P

   Which one do you like more?Forbidden Rose or Black Star???

-Mihaela (:

Hi everyone!

There's a new doll on stardoll- Naturi Naughton. She was born on 20th May in year 1984. She is an American singer and actress. She was part R&B/Pop trio 3LW From 199 to 2002.
Some of her albums, films, musicals:

-Hairspray (musical)
- Fame (film, very popular)
-Lottery ticket (film)

Some of her/3LW songs

-Feelin' you
-Neva get enuf
-No more

What about you? Have you every seen any of her movies or listen to her/3LW songs? Tell us in comments.

btw. I have new banner (: How do you like it ?


Hello on spoilers today there is more Dot, i like very much the pinks lipstick but some of the eye shadows i dont like very much. Tell us on comments what you think. Do you like?

Hot buys skirt is out!

The hotbuys grey skirt is now available in Bisou, or you can find it under "New"!
But there is a stardoll glitch - one is for 10sd, and the other is for 15sd and they're identical, of course. So.. I'd buy the cheap one. ;]

Other than the glitch, what do you think of the skirt?
And will you be buying it?


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Free Avril Dress :DD

If you didn`t saw it somewhere,now you`ll know.You can get free Avril Forbidden Rose Dress.You all probably saw her new parfume.To be honest,I like the Black Star more.I have Black Star perfume ;DD (I was crazy about Avril before,I`m not anymore).

So,If you want to get free dress,read this:

Go to: webwarper.net

Then,in blank box,copy and paste this: http://www.stardoll.com/en/cinema/

Click "GO" or just hit enter (:

Login to Stardoll.Wait for couple minutes to page load.Close the window and go to normal Stardoll :DD

That`s all :D

Thanks to UnderneathStardoll

Would you be getting it??Do you like Forbidden Rose??Which one is bette "Black Star" or "Forbidden Rose"??Do you have any??(:

-Mihaela (:

News (:

Hi everyone!

On stardoll, there are few news. :) Hope you like it!


Some clothes are all ready on sale (you must go to the shop and look for the red numbers). I think the most intresting is Hot buys bag (from 8 to 4 $). Today or tomorow stardoll will ''open''sale.


Superstar star is here again! It's bigger and you can see it ehn you have superstar visitors, when someone that is superstar write in ur gb...

New superstar doll

Lena Horne is a new superstar doll on stardoll. I really like her clothes and I hope they will come out in starplaza soon.

Well, that's all for now! :)

Sale in Starplaza

There are some items on sale in the starplaza. There isn't much to buy.
Check out Tingeling and Voile. I haven't spotted any other shops with sales, so let us know! ^-^

There are now clothes on sale available at Pretty in Pink, Bisou, Fudge and Rio!
Thank you to nalco for spotting them out to me! =]



The winner of the 6 Week Raffle is:



Every week i will choose a week Winner Raffle, to enter on this Raffle you must be a follower of my Blog and member of my Club VIP-DOLLS. You also have to comment all the Blog posts. Next week there will be another lucky winner so follow my Blog and join my Club VIP-DOLLS.