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Friday, August 13, 2010

New superstar doll ;D

Hi everyone! :)

There's a new superstar doll again, her name is Diane Kruger. (click on picture to enlerge). She was born on 15th July in German. She is German actress and former fashion model.

Some of her movies:

-The hunting party
-Anything for Her
-Mr Nobody
-Inglourious Basterds (most popular, a lot of awards :)

Have you ever seen any of her movies ? Tell us in comments.

-I haven't seen any of them, but i know them. ^^

Some of her doll's clothes are also in starplaza and in spoilers. I really like brown boots + black cardigan. xd

xx, bernarda


  1. yes i like her clothes alit, and i have not seen any of her movies lol, but maby i will , shes is pretty:)
    xoxo vicki95

  2. Never heard of her! Seriously,why stardoll can't make David Guetta's doll or someone's who I actually heard of? xD lol

  3. i never see any movie, but i like like her clothes

  4. me too
    but the doll is not beautifule

  5. i dont know who she is, I haven't seen any of her film

  6. I think I have seen some of her films

  7. i love her clothes.
    and inglorious bastards, was suppose
    to be really good ! her doll is nice.

  8. I recognise her! But I haven't watched any of those movies YET. ;]

  9. i've heard about her before :/

  10. I like the doll but just like you I didn't see any of her movies...

  11. i remember seeing her in trailers didn't see the movies...