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Friday, August 27, 2010

Stardoll and the City

Hii (:

I saw in spoilers before that clothes inspired by DIOR (from Sex&City 2) is coming in starplaza!
 And it finally came!
I really like those items.I will buy alot.The prices are quite high,just like Tribute Stores.
All items are superstars only.Did you expected more from Stardoll?!
The shop is called "Stardoll and the city".

Click on the picture to go to see the other floors and spend some money if you can (:


What do you think about it?Do you like it?Did you bought anything?Or you would?

-Mihaela (:


  1. yeah these clothes are soo gorgeous...but the price is BIG!♥

  2. I totally love this clothes!!! :) I saw them on actresses when they were on premieres, I especially remember that lime yellow dress worn by Sarah Jessica Parker... ;) I think I'd like to buy some but I hate those high prices... :/ But like you said, could we except anything else from Stardoll? I don't think so...

  3. 40sd for one dress?! I'm sure I won't buy it xD lol

  4. avril1894; i love them but i don`t have many money

  5. i saw too. & the look so amazing.
    they are all a bit expensive , & superstar of
    course which is a bit unfair . i wish the hands
    were for non superstars too !

  6. i want these clothes but they are really expensive:(

  7. idk i dont like the oufits.. and yeah the first thing i saw were those prices!! they need to drop down...

  8. i love these clothes, some of them are sooo GORGEOUS, but the prices are like sky high :O)