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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

UPDATE from stardoll! :)

<---- Read it.

It's better. xd + There will be a lot of gifts for other winners too! ;)

I really like that project but I'm still sad that my country isn't in.

Btw, for last post with translate things I didn't mean stardoll. I mean us. (We will talk and do things in one of 18th languagues. Stardoll won't have work with us xD)


  1. Prizes are great,but everything would be much better if more countries can join :(

  2. the winners of this competition will be very happy and grateful because the price is very good...I agree with lady_lola it will be better if more countries can join to this big competition

  3. This is so exciting. x]
    I like the sound of the prizes. ;]

  4. this is really cool ! i can't wait (:
    the prizes are good !

  5. its cool, i love the prizes! they r cool , thats good that they will give the finalist and so on gifts ^_^ i hope ill come in the top 18 of sweden :) this is really exiting, also i llike the updates :D
    xoxo vicki95

  6. I guess this makes things better but only a bit... I still don't like the fact that only few countries are in...

  7. well this post is much better! lol :D
    SO Excited!! XD