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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hi everyone!

There's a new doll on stardoll- Naturi Naughton. She was born on 20th May in year 1984. She is an American singer and actress. She was part R&B/Pop trio 3LW From 199 to 2002.
Some of her albums, films, musicals:

-Hairspray (musical)
- Fame (film, very popular)
-Lottery ticket (film)

Some of her/3LW songs

-Feelin' you
-Neva get enuf
-No more

What about you? Have you every seen any of her movies or listen to her/3LW songs? Tell us in comments.

btw. I have new banner (: How do you like it ?


  1. Never heard of her,but love the clothes on her doll =)

  2. i've seen the movie hairspray. Haven't seen any of the others though. I like your new banner, its cool the way it represents all the blogs you write for :O)

  3. Never heard of her... Seen hairspray the movie...not the musical.

  4. Your new banner is realy cool. i saw fame,the musical and i love it....I think that she did a great character

  5. She seems nice but have to be hones and say that I didn't see any of her movies... :P Maybe I could borrow some of them and check them out! Thank you for writing the names down!! ;)

  6. oh she seems familiar. im gonna go to see lottery ticket ! but her clothes are nice , and i like her doll too !