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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

News (:

Hi everyone!

On stardoll, there are few news. :) Hope you like it!


Some clothes are all ready on sale (you must go to the shop and look for the red numbers). I think the most intresting is Hot buys bag (from 8 to 4 $). Today or tomorow stardoll will ''open''sale.


Superstar star is here again! It's bigger and you can see it ehn you have superstar visitors, when someone that is superstar write in ur gb...

New superstar doll

Lena Horne is a new superstar doll on stardoll. I really like her clothes and I hope they will come out in starplaza soon.

Well, that's all for now! :)


  1. Tnx so much .....Good way to post them=)

  2. Thank you for posting this!! :) I can't believe that HB bag is on sale, HB's are never on sale!!! :) I have to buy it right now!!! ;)

  3. thanks for the information...I agree with ana this is a good way to post this information. when i did the login today i saw the big superstar star in my suite

  4. thanks for the update ;D
    i didn't know that .. they were updating.
    & i wish i could buy the HB bag !

  5. Cool. Some people kept aslking me if I was a ss, because I have 4 rooms, when I'm not. x]

  6. Thanx always wondering why some tags were red lol now I know it's on sale!! :D lol stupid me.

  7. i love the clothes on the new doll to :O)
    i always miss the sales, lol, they always come after my superstar membership has ran out :O(