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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hot buys skirt is out!

The hotbuys grey skirt is now available in Bisou, or you can find it under "New"!
But there is a stardoll glitch - one is for 10sd, and the other is for 15sd and they're identical, of course. So.. I'd buy the cheap one. ;]

Other than the glitch, what do you think of the skirt?
And will you be buying it?



  1. Don't like this skirt ...again it is not my style ...but maybe some day i will like it???don't know

  2. skirt looks like it should belong to the decades store and not disou. if i was superstar, this would be one hotbuy that i would not buy :O)

  3. Totally agree with zennn6! But I am a superstar and I wouldn't by that cause there are so many other good things to buy.

  4. i dont like this hotbuys skirt, its absolutly not my style lol , i wont get it :P

  5. This skirt it's not fashion.I'm not superstar so i cant get it =)

  6. Well, I'm not that crazy about the skirt but I'd buy it if I saw the glitch... ;) Unfortunately, Stardoll removed the one for 10$ and there's only the real one... :S

  7. the hotbuys skirt.. is not really my style.
    it kinda looks odd, it would be hard to wear.
    i wonder what people will come up with ,
    for this skirt.

  8. My grandmother would probably wear that skirt. I wouldn't.