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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Missing chair xd


-Yesterday (thanks to thestardollinsiders.wordpress.com for the picture)

Today I was looking for things that are on sale in suite shop. And I saw difference between yesterday and today. ---> Look at pictures. :)

Have you seen difference ?

Yesterday was on sale 16, but today there are just 15 items. I miss that chair xD

btw. Will you buy anything ? :)


  1. yes. the chair disappear... i dont like any piece

  2. the prices are very low lol , i like some of them :)
    xoox vicki95

  3. i love suite shop sales , hah.
    they are really low prices.
    but i can't buy any of them !
    but they look nice (:

  4. hmm i don't think i would but anything and i can't anyways since sales are always for ss. xD

  5. I dont think the chair is missing, i think its the table ?!

  6. i dont like any of them and i didnt notice the chair was gone

  7. Ooh I see. o.o
    The only things of that that I'd have bought would be the gold candle holder thing.

  8. I like the stuff on sale but that chair wasn't anything special, at least not to be... :P

  9. that sale prob ended right? :( i want that glass dome thing to put my hi cupcakes in...