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Friday, August 20, 2010

New superstar doll (:

Hii ;)

Keli Russel is a new superstar doll on stardoll.

She was born on 23th March in year 1973. She is an American actress and dancer.

Some of her popular movies:

- Bedtime stories
- Mission Impossible III
- Wonder Woman

...and much much more!

I have seen Bedtime stories and I like it very much! I think they are so cute, specially hamster with very very big brown eyes. I like the story too. ^^

Have you seen any of her films ? Tell us in comments! :D


  1. No i didn't see any of her movies.but i saw pictures and videos and she is really good and beautiful...

  2. cool she is very pretty :) ive seen bedtime stories and wonder woman so far , maby later i will see mission impissible III i like the movies very much , i think shes a great actress and a dancer!
    xoxo vicki

  3. avril1894;yes i really love that doll and it really looks great in real life.

  4. Never heard of her,but I can see she's pretty =)

  5. i watch some of her film, but i dont really know about her

  6. Mission Impossible 3 I have watched. I like her doll and dressup clothes. =]

  7. i saw some of her movies ! she's really pretty.
    i love some of her clothes too . can't wait til those come out in plaza.

  8. I saw some of her films, she's great! :) I like the clothes for her doll. :)

  9. SEEN her! finally! :D i reconized a new doll!