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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New store: Opulence

Hello everyone! There's a new store out in the starplaza decor section called Opulence!
(Opulence is another word for luxury if you didn't know), and you can clearly see what the shop is like!
What do you think of it?
Is there anything you would/have/want/will buy?

Have a fantastic day! :D
(I've had my banner for ages, I'm thinking of changing it soon :))

Monday, August 29, 2011

Miss Stardoll World 2011 has began!

Click HERE to go to the official Mis Stardoll World page on stardoll, with the full information of what you win, and how to win, and everything you need to know!
This post would be absolutely massive, so just click the link HERE and scroll down for the additional info.

Firstly, there were 10 Miss stardoll world blogs that were chosen this week to report everything about MSW. One which got in the 10 were: http://blogmissstardollworld.blogspot.com/
which our blog owner Filipinhamaria is a contributer of. I think you should FOLLOW.

Most of the other information we had posted about already in our past info posts of the Miss Stardoll World contest. Click HERE, HERE, an HERE to get to our past posts.
Click HERE or HERE to read details and enter the VIP-DOLLS Stardol World Comp Number 1 to win 400stardollars created by the owner Filipinhamaria

Go to someone's suite (with over 400sp) and click the button like this below to vote them:

Click HERE to go and vote for Filipa :D

I may update when there's progress, but atm, I'm really hungry so I'm gonna eat.
Have an awesome day! :D

New Mortal Kiss Store

There's a new Mortal Kiss store out in the starplaza!
What do you think of it? Are their any clothes you want/have?


Hi all..A big time without post..How are you?
I miss you all..Love u!!

xoxo Romela

Thursday, August 25, 2011

September Hot buys

Stardoll has revealed a picture of this septembers hotbuys and the days they're out.
Click HERE to go to the stardoll hot buys page to see the dates and details.
What do you think of these new HB's? :D
Will you/would you plan on buying any?

This will probably be my last post today, so have a good evening!
And of course a lovely tomorrow :D

Free 20 stardollars

I opened my dollmail today and saw this, then checked my moneys.
Did all of you get 20 stardollars for free? If yes then YAY! :)

MSW more info 3

Final details on this years Miss Stardoll World competition:

Will you be spamming for a chance to win?
Good luck again for all who are entering.
4 days left till the starting date!

Zombie theme stardoll offer

New stardoll "zombie theme" offer.
What do you think of this?
Will you be spending more money?
For details, see the picture below VV

Monday, August 22, 2011


Are you ready to join to this big comp and be 1 of the lucky winners?

Hello everyone, i've been in holidays abroad and i haven't time to post. Im still in holidays but decided to start with comps on my blogs and club in Stardoll. Many of you know that soon will we have Miss Stardoll World Contest again. I thought will be a good idea to have severals comps inspired on this amazing contest. On this comp you have to create diferent types of outfits.

1 Fashion Look
1 Casual Look
1 Party Look
1 Swimwear Look

Dress you doll and save on your album, describe the clothes your wear. The only thing you need to be is creative. Use your imagination i give much value to that.

The prize is 400 stardollares

Can enter Superstars and Non-Superstars

Must be 30 person on this comp

You must be a follower of my blog

You can post on the coments here when you ready or in my Club Vip-Dolls

The deadline date is 7 of Setember

Good Lucky

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mortal Kiss returns

That's right, it's BACK!
You happy? Sad? Don't even care? O_o
Did you follow the last one? I sort of did...

For this new MK story, they've introduced a calendar, with a gift/thing to buy each day. Make sure you keep checking up on that; you might miss a nice freebie ;O
And soon to come there'll be a new Mortal Kiss store and contests!

Well anyway then, click HERE to read the story.
And click HERE to go to the calendar.

Have a swell day.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MSW more info 2

Hiya everyone!
I bring more exciting news about this years Miss Stardoll World contest!
Yesterday, if you have the official MSW as a like on your facebook, you would have had the opportunity to vote for what you would've liked to see as an extra prize for the MSW 2011 winner.
This was the poll:

As you can see, the poll winner was the iPod Touch.
Earlier today, stardoll announced on their official MSW fb page the extra prize!

In OTHER news of MSW, they also released this image on the facebook page:

Align Centre
What do you think of their extra prize? :D

Happy 2nd birthday The Fashionable Stardoll!!

Today is the 2nd year anniversary of this blogs very first post!! So I'll just say it's the birthday of the blog! Filipinhamaria posted the very first post of this blog on 10th august! So, I'd like to say a big congratulations for keeping the blog going for this long to Filipa, the writers, and of course the followers. And thank you again to all of the followers who are reading our posts, and a massive thank you to those who leave us comments!

Have an awesome day!!