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Monday, August 29, 2011

Miss Stardoll World 2011 has began!

Click HERE to go to the official Mis Stardoll World page on stardoll, with the full information of what you win, and how to win, and everything you need to know!
This post would be absolutely massive, so just click the link HERE and scroll down for the additional info.

Firstly, there were 10 Miss stardoll world blogs that were chosen this week to report everything about MSW. One which got in the 10 were: http://blogmissstardollworld.blogspot.com/
which our blog owner Filipinhamaria is a contributer of. I think you should FOLLOW.

Most of the other information we had posted about already in our past info posts of the Miss Stardoll World contest. Click HERE, HERE, an HERE to get to our past posts.
Click HERE or HERE to read details and enter the VIP-DOLLS Stardol World Comp Number 1 to win 400stardollars created by the owner Filipinhamaria

Go to someone's suite (with over 400sp) and click the button like this below to vote them:

Click HERE to go and vote for Filipa :D

I may update when there's progress, but atm, I'm really hungry so I'm gonna eat.
Have an awesome day! :D

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  1. yay (: Im so excited about MSW, even though I have no real chance of winning, but Im very interested in seeing what the finalists will be like !