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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Philip Tracey Hat Designer

Hi Guy's

So i was looking around the world wide web looking for amazing hat designer's and i found an amazing hat designer called Philip Tracey he is from Ireland his older sister inspired him to be a hat designer but i didn't really want to be one but when he got to the age of 16 fashion was his big thing he worked will the world's biggest designer's like Arami and also the amazing Alexander McQueen yes McQueen here are some of his hat designs leave a comment below of what you think of them : )

Friday, July 30, 2010

70,000,000 members?

We've hit 70,000,000 members! Congratulations to stardoll. No doubt most of those accounts are fake. Dx We get 6 gifts for free! Still not so amazing... I think they should give us 70 stardollars aswell. What do you think of the gifts? Better than what we got last time?

& Last of all, sorry for not posting in a while. I've had a lot to do.
Have a lovely day. ;]

Thursday, July 29, 2010


L'occitane is on spoilers, we will have soon a new make up on Stardoll. You can see how will be the shop on the second picture. Do you like the coulours, what you think about the new make up.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sale Must Buys

Hey! So it's now this months Starplaza sale, but what should you buy?
Here are some ideas of some of the things you could buy :)

Tyler's Top Trends..

Tylerisbold's (Haha, I typed Tylerisblog's by accident) blog has reopened.
Never heard of it before.
Come to think of it, I never hear of anything anyway XD
Nice banner, I have to say (;
I hear there are job applications going on. :D
Picture credit to: The Stardoll Shiner

Hotbuys Dress Released!

The July Hotbuys Dress has been released!
I don't like it too much, a little wacky for my style, if you know what I mean. (;
If I was designing this, I would've removed the crazy squiggles and lines. (:
The Review:
Price: 16 Stardollars
Shape: Lovely snug-fitted
Color: Purple and Black, Idoru colours :/
Pattern: Crazy squiggly lines and such. (;
Rating: 6|1O

Sunday, July 25, 2010



I want to remind you that we are on the final countdown for the Month Big Raffle. Today it's 25 of july so if you want to enter on this Big Raffle you need to do what i say below.On 29 of july there will be a lucky winner that will receive 400 stardollars prize. I intend to this every month.

You have to comment all the posts from 29 of june and foward till 29 of july,only the persons that comment all the posts will enter on this raffle.

You must be:

Member of my club VIP-DOLLS

Follower of my blog: Thefashionablestardoll.blogspot.com

The prize is 400 stardollars

Every month will be a lucky winner

So what you are waiting for?

The winner will be interview by me and i will post on my blog.

I want that my blog be better than is now. I count with your help.




This week there will be another a Raffle , to enter on this Raffle you must be a member of my Club:


and be follower of my blog:


Every week i will do a Raffle you just need to coment the blog posts.

The prize is 135 stardollars

Every week will be a lucky winner

so what you are waiting for?

Be a follower because the winner will be interview by me and on sunday i will post on my blog.

I want that my blog be better than is now. I count with your help.



The winner of the 3 week raffle is:



Every week i will choose a week Winner Raffle, to enter on this Raffle you must be a follower of my Blog and member of my Club VIP-DOLLS. You also have to comment all the Blog posts. Next week there will be another lucky winner so follow my Blog and join my Club VIP-DOLLS.


Hello, so today i have the interview of Tropicsweeti that was the 2 Week Winner Rafle. Every week there will be a interview so we can know better the winner and at the same time to them get more visits on their pages. The winner will receive a prize of 135 stardollars and if the is a non-superstar it will be a code to be superstar. To be in the Week Raffle Comp you just need to be a follower of my Blog, comment all the Blog posts and be member of my Club VIP-DOLLS. Below you can read the interview.


1- What is your name, age and where do you come from?
My name is Vivien , some people call me Viv, or Vivi . im 13 years old turning 14 on November 27th .
i'm Vietemese, but i live in California .

2-How did you find Stardoll?
I had a few friends that played on stardoll, i thought in the beginning that it was gonna be lame , and boring . But over time .. i made new friends , and i absolutely love stardoll !

3-Do you have any hobbies?
Yes , i actually have many hobbies. i love to swim , play volleyball , read, and draw.

4-How is to be superstar?
i love being superstar, it gives me more options to do on Stardoll . But being non-superstar ..
is perfectly fine .

5--What do you do on you free times?
Well obviously play on stardoll , i hang out with my friends , and go to the beach .

6- Do you like the makeover on stardoll?
In the beginning, i absolutely hated it . I was one of those people who were gonna leave because of this makeover. But i thought it was dumb to leave just because of a makeover , everyone would get use to it someday. Everything was so confusing and horrible . But over time i learned to deal with it , and like it .

7- Do you usually join many comps, have you win before any comp?
Yes, i usually join a lot of competetions and i usually get picked for them too. No , i never won a competetion before .. cause i usually bail out or lose . People who get picked for competetions usually are extraordinary. they make amazing sceneries that i could never compete with .

8- Since you join Stardoll did you find many friends, what you look when you acept a friend request?
Yes, i found the most amazing friends. They have been through thick and thin with me . They deal with the drama , and fights . I could never ask for more awesome friends then the ones that i have on stardoll. They know who they are (; I usually accept anyone who sends me a friend request, i never accept blank or just plain requests.

9- Have you had any problem since you join stardoll, what adivse you can give to other people?
I had about a million problems on stardoll, getting hacked , scammers and so much more . i advise everyone to NOT give out your password ever, unless you know the person is 1OO% safe, and has references, because you can never know whether they are hackers or not . I also advise everyone to ignore the mean people, who write rude comments in your guestbooks . Just delete it , and go on with your life (:

10- What you think that could be better in stardoll and why?
They could do many things in stardoll to make it better, like a safe trade. Hundreds of people have loss their rares , from unsafe trades. They need to make a more safer bazaar. I would also recommend bringing back the 1sd a day ! It's hard for non-superstars to earn money nowadays .

Saturday, July 24, 2010


On monday, july 26 at 4pm bst we have another live chat and this time is with Preeya Kalidas.

Preeya Kalidas was born 1980 and is a british singer and actress. At the age of three started ballet classes and tap at five. Preeya then trained at the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London and at Songtime Theatre Arts, where her love of acting really began. She is known for her roles in the films East Is East and Bend It Like Beckham and the soap opera EastEnders, playing Amira Shah. Following her departure from EastEnders, she began a career in singing, with her debut single "Shimmy" being released in July 2010.

Friday, July 23, 2010


We have more clothes on spoilers and some are really beautifull.These clothes are from the new doll Lisa Kudrow. I like the mini black dress, the nude bag, the black high heels sandals, and the flower corset. Do you like today spoilers too.

Penthouse items are out:

Do you like the pieces?


[[Leah Posting]]

Hey guys. Yes its official, I have left stardoll. I'm gone. And I'm sorry to announce that I am unable to post at the blogs anymore. Thankyou for such an amazing experience, you've all been great for me! Thankyou so much, but It's time to leave. I'm sorry :(
Miss youu all!
Leah xx

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Stardoll had release some clothes on spoilers, my favorite piece is the mini grey dress, it has a great shape and design. I also like the brown sandals.


JCP TEEN is out and on sale at Starplaza but we can't see the shop yet. The prices are not very high, they begin on 6 stardollars till 10 stardollars. The pieces are a bit plain in my opinion.


There is beautifull pieces for Suite Shop today, some are already on sale. Stardoll did say we will have more pieces for ours Penthouses and i think some of these pieces are. My favorite pieces are the fountain and the vase of Terracotta and also da cage with roses. These pieces will give our suites a romantic style.


I found more pieces on spoilers, this time 2 pots and cat that i dont like.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today we have only a few clothes on spoilers, i only like the white mini dress because it's stylish and fashion. I think the white tshirt has a nice draw, the doll and the dogs look so cute. If i see more clothes i will updated.


I check again the spoilers and found more clothes, my favorite piece is the assimetric skirt.


Im looking for more Active Writers for my Blog The Fashionable Stardoll so i decide to do a comp. To enter on this comp you must know how to write in english and be creative. You have to write something about you, Fashion for example or anything else. I want to see interesting texs and well written. Write here on the comments or on my club topic when you ready and i will request you so you can send me the tex to me.

Can enter Superstars or Non-Superstars

The prize is 135 stardollars

The dealine date is 31 of july

There must be 30 persons on this comp or i cancel the comp

You must be a follower of my Blog

You must be a member of my Club VIP-DOLLS

Good lucky



We have now the new Collection on Starplaza from KILLAH, it's time for a new comp. On this comp you must create a creative outfit with clothes of KILLAH on Starplaza dressing room. On your outfit you must have at least 1 piece from this new collection, you can use clothes of other shops too but the piece from KILLAH must be show you can't cover it.

Can enter non-superstars and superstars
Don't forget the make-up you can use on Starplaza too.
Use acessories like earings, necklaces and bags, you can use from other shops too
Do a printscreen and write the link here or on my club VIP-DOLLS.

The prize is 135 stardollars

The deadline date it's 30 of july

Can enter superstars and non-superstars
There must be 30 entries or i cancel da comp
The winner will be the most creative outfit.
To enter on this comp you must be member of my club:


Good lucky

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FREE red panda!

Hiya everyone! This month's FREE endangered animal is a Red Panda! To get one, Click Here and press 'Adopt Me' and it will be delivered to your suit! What do you think? Nicole.

CREDIT for the picture- Underneath stardoll


This week we will have 17 new goodies for ours Penthouses on sale at Suite Shop. On Stardoll Oficcial Blog was this picture today, below you can see already some pieces. They look really awsome and i cant wait to see more. It's always great to see more pieces on sale at Suite Shop for decorate our rooms. I love to decorate and i think we should have more pieces on Suite Shop. What about you, would you like to have more pieces too.