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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RED FEVER+Hot Buys Socks

Hey everyone :)
The color of the week is...
The newest 'RED FEVER' items in starplaza are from Bisou.
Item: Bisou Ruffled Silk Shorts
Price: 8 SD
Negatives: The price, the awkward red belt
Positives: The flowy shape will go well with a tight, colorful top
Item: Bisou Contrast Sleeve Tee
Price: 8 SD
Negatives: REALLY See-through, EXPENSIVE
Positives: The contrasting colors look good with a red skirt
Item: Bisou Tiered Cutout Swimsuit
Price: 12 SD?!?!
Negatives: expensive
Positives: The shape is cute and flattering, nice color

And.. The Hotbuys Socks have been released!
The are cute, and only 6 SD! :)
What do you think? Did you like my post? Please comment! :)


  1. Thank GAWD Stardoll has gotten over it's pale blue obsession! I love red :D not sure about that see through top... I like that you could put it over another top and you'd only see the sleeves but the shape's all wrong!

  2. OMG , those outfits look awesome :D

  3. Only thing I like is the red swimsuit. :) As for the socks I think they are ok and I like the fact they have a normal price (remember that HB top is 12$?!?!?)... :)

  4. i like Ruffled Silk Shorts and maybe the Contrast Sleeve Tee. but i dont really like the Hotbuys Socks...

  5. i really i like the bathingsuit

  6. Love them all but the last year stardoll is so expensive. I am here since 2007 when things were cheaper :( I am so disapointed.. never mind.. :)

  7. Beatyfull swimswit!!
    And yeah muuuuch red!