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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We are proud to present:

Hey everyone, as you know on Stardoll aren't only blogs the ones people read and like, there are magazines, there are modeling agencies for the magazines and also projects.

One of the Projects which seem to go very good and also popular is a Stardoll Group which present different Smaller Projects on their blog to their readers.

Today, we have the honour to tell you that our blog is 1 of the 8 blogs who will be DioguardiGroup.blogspot.com Official Media Partner. Our blog will keep you updated with latest news on Dioguardi Group and as you can see we will add a DG Logo to the sidebar where you can visit it.

Dioguardi Group (DioguardiGroup.blogspot.com) presents in it amazing projects like Big Brother Stardoll, Dioguardi Collection, Cyanide Magazine, MelsModels and a lot of other projects.

Also we will be holding competitions, exclusive only for Dioguardi Group Media Partners where you will not only will win prices but also trial experience to work for Dioguardi Group.

And if you want your project to be presented by Dioguardi Group or if you wanna be a Media contact Miss_LolitaF.

* Filipa will add the Logo at the sidebar soon.


  1. This sounds great!! :) Maybe I'll contact you so you promote my blog a bit... ;)

  2. sounds awesome. ^__^

  3. well that sounds great, but i don't have anything to promote or something like that :P

  4. It sounds nice! I really like the comp. idea :)

  5. Nice idea..The comps will be only for people with the projekts?