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Thursday, July 29, 2010


L'occitane is on spoilers, we will have soon a new make up on Stardoll. You can see how will be the shop on the second picture. Do you like the coulours, what you think about the new make up.


  1. in really i love this makeups.wowwoow they are beautifule.lovley wowowowo.i love this.thanx thanx the most beautifule blog

  2. Oh! If we have this, I will be very happy because my dream will becoma true, the dream of having such colorful makeover in our beauty parlor, instead of blacky ones we have now. ^^

  3. seem to do a make-up gorgeous!
    I really liked the pink lipstick!
    I loved it!

  4. i like them. they look soft, sweet, and of course beautiful. but, what about the prize? if the prize like luxe makeup, hmm... i dont think i will buy a lot.

  5. oh great!! new makeup! i hope they will be nice in our medolls, also i like the colours , they colours are almost the same, and i dont like to put dark colours in makeup i prefer soft and pinkish :) but sometimes its nice to put red lipstick :) also i like how they look, stardoll shuld put shimmering eyeshadow not only matt , but these , i like them i think they will be nice on ouer medolls , this reminds me of valentines day :) i cant wait! a picture of this makeup is on the cover of stardoll :)
    xoxo vicki95

  6. They are cute, I like the colors.
    Very romantic.
    But I hope the prices aren't the same as Luxe.
    It might be less because Luxe has glitter, but you never know

  7. i didnt notice, they are in shop now, they are expensive, but not like LUXE , around 18 sd..
    i like the brushes o.O ^_^

  8. i love them !
    the colors are so pretty .
    and will look great on my medoll !
    & it's not so expensive.. thank gawd..
    i love the nude ,and soft colors.
    can't wait to buy them (:

  9. I love the colours. It's really pretty. Expensive aswell, but it is an expensive brand in RL so yeah. & the free poster you get is really pretty. ;]

  10. at the start, i didnt know wat the blush thing was then i start to put it everywhere on the face :P

  11. This looks fabulous!! Maybe the best make-up so far...