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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hello these are today spoilers, some clothes are from Patriots Style Outfits. My favorite is the mini white dress but i like also the shoes, the pair of jeans and the swimsuit.


  1. they r great!

    my favourites are :

    the red swimsute because its goreous and stunning really dramatic colour and its pretty at the same time :)

    The black heels because i have always wanted black hells that are very tall and pretty at the same time they also look very fine :)

    The light pink/white dress because its very cute and i can see that it will fit the medoll perfect! and its very cute , i would like to wear that with some silver shoes or some sparkly pink and a little purse:)

    i dont like the blue tube dress it looks like a drapper/curtain or somethin and its very straight , the colour is ok for me :P

    xoxo vicki95

  2. Nice :)
    I love the fouxia shorts!

  3. i like some of them
    but, i didnt the like red skirt

  4. Most of the stuff are really nice. :) I love that pale pink dress that's on the right on the first pic. :)

  5. Some of them are awesome ;]
    Love that orange dress ^^

  6. those look HOT :]
    i love the orange dress
    with the tied up high heels
    shoes ^_^