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Sunday, July 18, 2010

French week!

Hello everyone! This week stardoll has made it into a 'French Week'. In the starplazer there has been a lot of clothes released to do with France, Paris etc.
What do you think
of French week, any comments? Nicole x

Also, what do you think of my new banner?


  1. ** FRENCH WEEK.
    - What do YOU think?

  2. I love your hair in the banner... I also like some of the French items ;) Like the top with the Eiffel Tower ;)

  3. I like your banner but the doll's arm looks anorexic! BUT look at the arm on Stardoll's own picture it looks mannish so your graphic looks better than Stardoll who are getting PAID to make those!!!
    I LOVE the French clothes but no Stardollars left to buy them :/

  4. i love the the french clothes!
    they're so cute. !

    BTW i love your new banner. it's a great graphic.
    and i agree the arm looks a bit too skinny for your doll's body.

  5. The french week clothes are just wow! Thay are simple, chic. I really enjoy them!

  6. Thanks for your opinions on my banner. Thought I I didn't make the graphic :D. Hunnigall made it for me because i was the 100/200th follower of the blog :).

  7. I like your banner! ;)
    As for the clothes they are all really cute!!! I wanted to buy so many of them! :P

  8. i like the banner, very much :) i love the french week clothes ! pretty

  9. there are cute and cool

    love them

  10. I loved most of the clothes that they released for French week especially the paris tee