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Saturday, July 17, 2010

In Dioguardi news...
Big Brother Stardoll is looking for some new workers, 4 New Spaces have opened up for anyone interested in this amazing oppurtunity.

I am offering positions for workers to help make a change in BBS by hiring four new people. You can apply to be one of the following positions:

- 1 Tasks manager: This person will give the contestants the information for the task, inform them deadline and will keep them updated.

-3 Task Idea givers: These Three people will help Lolita decide on each task for the contestants and will try to see all sides of each contestant, like fashion, creativity and more.

The four people that are chosen will join my new BBS team.

There is a form to fill out, you can apply for the positions at Big Brother Stardoll, in the BBS comments.
The Deadline is July 23.

To Apply, and to read the Entire Post for this by me click on this link:



  1. oh sounds cool, but i don't
    think i would have the time and
    commitment for that :3

  2. That's a great opportunity for some of us!

  3. This is great for some people to show their talent! :) Unfortunately I don't think I'm one of them... :P I don't think I'd be accepted so I won't apply...

  4. Nice! But I auditioned for the week 7 so I cant go to this too.

  5. I wouldn't really know what to do

  6. cool now big brother stardoll wwoowwowow