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Friday, July 9, 2010

The Makeover Is Starting!

I tried to log on today, and this came up!

The makeover is beginning!
I cant log on for another hour or so :/


  1. Can't Wait, but I wish I could log in

  2. Have some very exclusive ind=side pics at thestardollinformant.blogspot.com from when I ACTUALLY sign in for a few minutes. Then it logged me out.

  3. i have logged in already...and i am having a hard time

  4. Ohhh its good...Although idk, i like the revious more or its just the beggining and I cant find the messages and stuff..LOL

  5. i can logg in omg its very different but we will get used very soon i think :) wow its so many things in stardoll now , i love the starbazzar its very nice! i dont like the new chat anyway, stardoll is very slowly now but i guess its because its new :) starbazzar is very fine but its very different :^^

  6. what pissing me of is the broadcastes its a tinyplace and noone will pay attention on that,
    i like the medoll editor its perfect, well beautypalror:P
    and so on :P its very different
    but what i love is : the colourr , like, the purple and that gold not yellow like it was Before :P
    i think stardoll shuld make flexable leggs and arms that would be awesome ^^
    and i dont like where the guestbook is and the visitors , you can only see the three latest :/
    where you sell your clothes which is the starbazzar is awesome i like that !!^^

  7. The makeover is trash. Stardoll is officially on crack T_T

  8. I think the new look is totally confusing and hard to adjust to... They said it will be easier for us to navigate trought the site but I totally disagree! And that broadcast space is sooo small no one will understand what it says in the message! :S Why didn't they put it to write trough the whole Star Ribbon??!?!

  9. New makeover?Omg,it's not even better..
    The new dressing room in starplaza and the clubs are cool now but the other things are kinda weird and confusing O.o
    I bet that many members want the old stardoll back as I do.. ;[

  10. Hha , I was about to go on stardoll
    then that thing came up , I think
    I like this one better (: it looks neat
    but the other one was easier x]