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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hello, so today i have the interview of Tropicsweeti that was the 2 Week Winner Rafle. Every week there will be a interview so we can know better the winner and at the same time to them get more visits on their pages. The winner will receive a prize of 135 stardollars and if the is a non-superstar it will be a code to be superstar. To be in the Week Raffle Comp you just need to be a follower of my Blog, comment all the Blog posts and be member of my Club VIP-DOLLS. Below you can read the interview.


1- What is your name, age and where do you come from?
My name is Vivien , some people call me Viv, or Vivi . im 13 years old turning 14 on November 27th .
i'm Vietemese, but i live in California .

2-How did you find Stardoll?
I had a few friends that played on stardoll, i thought in the beginning that it was gonna be lame , and boring . But over time .. i made new friends , and i absolutely love stardoll !

3-Do you have any hobbies?
Yes , i actually have many hobbies. i love to swim , play volleyball , read, and draw.

4-How is to be superstar?
i love being superstar, it gives me more options to do on Stardoll . But being non-superstar ..
is perfectly fine .

5--What do you do on you free times?
Well obviously play on stardoll , i hang out with my friends , and go to the beach .

6- Do you like the makeover on stardoll?
In the beginning, i absolutely hated it . I was one of those people who were gonna leave because of this makeover. But i thought it was dumb to leave just because of a makeover , everyone would get use to it someday. Everything was so confusing and horrible . But over time i learned to deal with it , and like it .

7- Do you usually join many comps, have you win before any comp?
Yes, i usually join a lot of competetions and i usually get picked for them too. No , i never won a competetion before .. cause i usually bail out or lose . People who get picked for competetions usually are extraordinary. they make amazing sceneries that i could never compete with .

8- Since you join Stardoll did you find many friends, what you look when you acept a friend request?
Yes, i found the most amazing friends. They have been through thick and thin with me . They deal with the drama , and fights . I could never ask for more awesome friends then the ones that i have on stardoll. They know who they are (; I usually accept anyone who sends me a friend request, i never accept blank or just plain requests.

9- Have you had any problem since you join stardoll, what adivse you can give to other people?
I had about a million problems on stardoll, getting hacked , scammers and so much more . i advise everyone to NOT give out your password ever, unless you know the person is 1OO% safe, and has references, because you can never know whether they are hackers or not . I also advise everyone to ignore the mean people, who write rude comments in your guestbooks . Just delete it , and go on with your life (:

10- What you think that could be better in stardoll and why?
They could do many things in stardoll to make it better, like a safe trade. Hundreds of people have loss their rares , from unsafe trades. They need to make a more safer bazaar. I would also recommend bringing back the 1sd a day ! It's hard for non-superstars to earn money nowadays .


  1. That's an interesting interview! I tottaly agree that the 1sd per day should come back! ;)

  2. wow shes really pretty and awesome interview!

  3. Great interview, I though it was just me that though it was lame in the beginning but now I love it!

  4. interesting!;)
    Your doll is beautiful TROPICSWEETI

  5. i agree whit you! i like the interview , its intresting! and also you look very cute :) 5/5 xoxo vicki95

  6. Thank you everyone (:
    you guys are all really nice ! ;D

  7. Congrats, girl! :D


  8. I love the interview, she seems like a great girl. :)