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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tyler's Top Trends..

Tylerisbold's (Haha, I typed Tylerisblog's by accident) blog has reopened.
Never heard of it before.
Come to think of it, I never hear of anything anyway XD
Nice banner, I have to say (;
I hear there are job applications going on. :D
Picture credit to: The Stardoll Shiner


  1. been reading it since it opened. fabulous.

  2. I went there and I saw the Statementmagazine spoiler! The cover is "wow". By the way, I wont do any application.

  3. Oh yeah, the banner is really nice! I wish I knew how to make banners! ;)

  4. i have been reading it some times:) yeah the banner is very nice! i like it veyr much:) i like the pictures.
    the Statementmagazine spoiler is stunning i like it so much :)
    xoxo vicki

  5. the banner is so cool! Ill check on it in a second!

  6. That blog is really professional! I was very impressed. :3

  7. That sounds cool and that banner is fabulous!! :)