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Friday, July 9, 2010



I saw on Style.com Christian Dior Fall Couture 2010 Fashion Show and i love it. It's inspired in flowers, i love the colours they are so vibrant, the shapes and the design so amazing. I decided to do a comp. In Stardoll we have a lot of flowers and other pieces that can create an amazing dresses. Below you can see some pics of the show.

You have to create a look from Christian Dior Fall Couture 2010 Fashion Show, use what you want, stickers, Suite shop pieces or clothes. Your look must be exactly the same as the real version.

Look on:


On this Fashion Show there is 31 outfits that you can choose.
Don't forget about the make-up, Non-superstars must do the make-up on Starplaza because they can use the make-up there.
Don't forget the background
I need a printscreen of the face and the outfit
You can do on the scenerys on VIP-DOLLS CLUB or on your album.
I want a printscreen of the real version that you choose so i compare with what you create
Write here when you ready on my blog comments or on VIP-DOLLS topic.

The prize is 400 stardollars

Can enter non-superstars and supertars
There must be 30 persons on the comp or i cancel
The dealine date is 24 of July od 2010
To enter on this comp you must be member of my club:


Good lucky


  1. Awesome Im tottaly in, but just a quetion:How non-ss will use the make up on starplaza if they have to do it on album or scenery??

  2. im totaly in : great comp !!! i will post a comment on your club:D

  3. http://i32.tinypic.com/1y2tuh.png

  4. Wow, the dresses are really fabulous!!! :) I love that flower theme a lot!!! :) I really hope you'll accept me to join your club because I'd like to participate in this comp. ;)

  5. The dresses are really creative and unique ;]
    I'll try to enter in this comp ^^

  6. Since you accepted me into your I entered the comp!! :) I've sent you my entry look in your club's topic. :)

  7. wow the dresses look amazing on! very creative and still fashion , i like the colours they are very summeris :) i like almost all of them and alot of them are gorgeous!im in this comp :) THANKS

  8. these outfits are so creative an cool. im so in(:

  9. I'd like to enter: