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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hello everyone, as you already know Vicki95 was the first winner of my Week Raffle Comp. She had receive a prize of 135 stardollars . There will be a winner every week that will be interview by me. I decided to do the interviews to give the chance to the winner get knowed. This a huge opportunity for everyone. I will announce the 2 winner very soon. To be in the Week Raffle Comp you just need to be a follower of my Blog, comment all the Blog posts and be member of my Club VIP-DOLLS. Below you can read the interview.


1.What is your name, age and where you come from?
1. My name is Vicktoria but you can call me Vicki, i'm 15 years old ,turning 16 the 28th of mars. I'm a Swedish girl that also live in Sweden. Next year i will have to choose what i will study, idk yet , but i would like to be a dancer bcus i have danced since i was 4 years old. but i might take a Design line.

2.How did you find Stardoll?
2. I found stardoll by my cousin , first she made me one and then i stopped playing stardoll like an half year after that, I am a member since 2006 and I came back to stardoll last year so thats why i dont have all the starpoint i shuld have :)

3.What you like more on Stardoll and what you don't like?
3. I like stardoll becuase its all about fashion, friends and so on and i like that they use real inspiration like all the clothes from real brand, i like to talk with friends and meet new friends! I dont like that it is so many scammers, almost all half members of stardoll will scam if they have the chance i have been scammed alot of times, and i think it would be much better if stardoll was more realistik:)

4.What is your favorite shop on Starplaza and why?
4. My fave shop in starplaza is Limited Edition, i think they have great clothes, very colourfull and cool designs

5.What is your favorite Designer and why?
5. I have some few designers that is my favourite. Like Mc Queen, very different clothes and i absolutely love Robin Antin's "Shhh collection", victoria secrets , great designs and last but not least i love cut out Ed Hardy dress and shirt, top :).

6.Can you describe your style?
6. i mostely wear clothes that is a hit in Sweden like belly shirts , see trough shirts on summer ^"thigh Jewelry" and so on, but what also is my style is to wear cute clothes. and i really dont care what other ppl think :) winter i like my boomerang jacker whit big furr only at the top of the hood :). when im dancing i wear my PCD outfits :)

7.Almost every girl would like to be Covergirl, what about you?
7. yeah i would love to be CG , its like " the 15 minutes of fame" but a whole day:) But i dont think i will be CG one day, because i dont have the stardollars:P

8.Do usually join comps and why?
8. Yes i join comps sometimes , i think its fun , i enjoy making them too :)


  1. that's really cool.
    & congrats on winning (:

  2. Congrats! Yes, it's really important to where what you want. You seems very confident, and that's cool!

  3. congrats on winning. : )

  4. Congratulations on winning! I like the interview, you seem like a great girl! :)

  5. Interesting ;) And you dont need stardollars for being CG. Broadcasts its not the only way ;)

  6. nice questions and nice answers