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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Im looking for more Active Writers for my Blog The Fashionable Stardoll so i decide to do a comp. To enter on this comp you must know how to write in english and be creative. You have to write something about you, Fashion for example or anything else. I want to see interesting texs and well written. Write here on the comments or on my club topic when you ready and i will request you so you can send me the tex to me.

Can enter Superstars or Non-Superstars

The prize is 135 stardollars

The dealine date is 31 of july

There must be 30 persons on this comp or i cancel the comp

You must be a follower of my Blog

You must be a member of my Club VIP-DOLLS

Good lucky


  1. I would love to enter but I'm not a member of your club!! Please accept.

    I really want to be a writer for a stardoll blog!

  2. I will acept you on my club, it's u name on Stardoll the same u have hir.

  3. I'm romela1998, a good girl, sweet, affectionate, and willing to help them to need help.in stardoll i'm not very well known and much love my friends but I do not know if they want me as much as i.i think love so that they ask for something where only some of the others not.all know that my style is more rrock.i like rrock.clasik but my clothing are rrok.i am smiling and sweet and very sensitive. i like pop music, rock, hip-hop.dhe many others .i have mucis talent in my town I'm singers always win first prize only once the second place . I spend on fashion is not very good in the style of my medoll but am still happy for as long as I think I've got good style in rrok ♪ ♥. I like that one day I was covergirl but this is only a dream rarely fulfilled this desire and I want to be ss because I was only a week and I had only superstar 40sd and not buy things .sa'm a bit of luck.but I am happy that I have more new friends and i love my friends

  4. Hi I am Suga-Cookie. I have interests in many things such as reading, writing, designing, twitter and of course Stardoll [In which I am very active, I log on for hors everyday.] I tend to talk a lot and I am a fast typer so put those things together and you can get a paragraph about anything in a minute. I write lyrics for songs too. I have a very big and creative imagination which I am not afraid to use. But other than writing, my other greatest passion is fashion. I have a very confused, mixed up style that works out always for me but not on other people. I am not a girly girl. I am something else, and so is my style. Which, by the way, is Converse/ girly/ rock/ elegant/ glam/ punk/ classic with a hint of tomboy and emo. Yeah, its messed up but I can pull it of. Its kinda like Kristen Stewart's style. I tend to change my doll and her style everyday, but it kinda represents me. But all in all I am random, fun, witty, courageous and unique. And with my writing skills and love for fashion I hope to be a writer for this amazing blog.

  5. this is one competetion i shall not do ... im a horrible writer ;O
    sorrry, good luck to all of you ! :D

  6. I would really like to write for your blog, can u add me so I can send you sample of my writing?

  7. I'd like top enter but I write for 2 blogs and I'm not sure if I could be active enough here...

  8. Hi , Im Matilde. A little girl ( 14 years ) who loves fashion. Im fashion addicted. All days with a new fashion style. If im happy i dress pink or yellow, If im sad i wear black or grey. Im like all normal girls. I love stardoll. Stardoll is a very fashionable game ( i think that is because it is all about fashion that im addicted :p ) I dont know if it have mistakes but i think that everybody that are not from english countries makes mustakes. Sometimes , english people do them too .. Well its all i can write about me and my fashion at the moment. I dont know how i will be dressed tomorrow but one think that i know is that i will be always fashionable and cute ( with black too ) :D
    xoxo , Maddie_fashion ( Matilde )

  9. Hi,my name is Vicktoria, 15 years old. Vicki95 on stardoll. I love to dance, i have done it for many years now. I love fashion, and create outfits every day. My style is very chic. I also love the brand Chanel, because the clothes are very well made and very chic. I like to mix and match clothes to a fashionable dresscode. In stardoll i like to change clothes alot, i do that every day :) I am very creative on everything and I log on to stardoll everyday and take this opportunity seriously. I have a very big and creative imagination which I am not afraid to use. I am very happy I never think negative thoughts, I love to help people , and stuff like that:) I love reading blogs i do that every day like the sd blogs and also in real life blogs( the Swedens most famous blogger also) Fashion bloggers is the most blogs I read. I have never been a writer for a blog before, so it would be fun to be one now!:) thanks for the opportunity.

    xoxo Vicki95

  10. @ Vicktoria its not cool to copy what I said

  11. I would love to enter.
    I'm in. Just tell me when you're ready.

  12. Everyone tht join this comp can write hir da sample of writing or i can request so u can send me in private.

  13. Request me so I can message it to you.

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  15. Above entry was wrong so I deleted it

    Hey! My name is Sara, and I am 14 years old. I come from England, where the sun's always shining. Pfft. Yeah, right! It's raining. In Summer. x]

    My birthday is on 10th January, but I don't really appreciate gifts. People find me really weird because of this, but the thing is, I don't like people spending money on ME. I don't mind me spending it on them, though. Just ask Saarah787 or MiniMiss2009 how much I hate presents :]

    Speaking of money...let's just say I'm really bad at saving it. If I see something I like, then I end up buying it!

    My hobbies include reading, writing, Stardoll, Shopping and spending time with friends/family. I am a Team EDWARD all the way (sorry Jacob fans!) and I am COMPLETELY addicted to Twilight. Totally a Twi-Hard! x] I am always looking for some good books, so feel free to let me know in my GB if you know of any. I am currently reading 'Wings' but forgot the name of the author! Think it's Aprilyenne Pike or something. My fellow bookworm is Rana (PrincessCrazy46). She's always full of recommendations, so be sure to ask her!

    I first found out about Stardoll around two years ago. I was at a mates, while talking to another friend over MSN. The MSN friend asked me if I had a SD account, and I replied no. So my other friend goes, get an account on it, it's really good. So...here I am! I found it boring, so left for a year, and then came back and opened my own blog too.

    My blog's called Stardoll News and Views (.blogspot.com) and I'd appreciate it if you could all follow! I am also the co-host of Stardoll All Around the World, which is also looking for contestants.

    The site has changed quite a lot since I first got my account. When I first joined, I loved the SEPHORA make up brand-even though I only ended up buying Mascara!-because anyone, not just Superstars, could buy it. Tbh, I don't think they even had such thing as SS's back then! *Sighs* If only it were like that now!

    However...there's been some good changes! Erm...one sec...let me think...well...eurgh...:] I'm just messing with ya. I think that Stardoll's style has improved through the years, as have their graphics.

    I like the new makeover, as it's more organised. However, I preferred the old color scheme, as I am a complete sucker for pink! (Also a sucker for Chanel clothing, and looking for it, so let me know!)

  16. And because I'm such an abnormal girl *self esteem gets whacked :P* I do have an idol on Stardoll. For me...it has to be...JENNA! (Emorox4eva!)
    Above entry continued

    OK...so why does this person inspire me? Well...this person inspires me because of her great sense and style on Stardoll. She can create an amazing outfit, regardless of the items she uses. To be honest, even if you got the most ugliest items on Stardoll, I bet you she could pull something off with them! Secondly, she is also really kind and has a brilliant sense of humour. She gives people the opportunities to become Superstars on Stardoll with her kindness, and I definitely think she is unique; it is impossible to find anyone like her anywhere, no matter how hard you look. Thirdly, she runs a blog. Now, this blog is very famous on Stardoll. Many of you will probably know it as "Stardoll's Most Wanted". I really like this blog, as it has all the latest Stardoll updates, and no matter how bored you are, there will always be something for you to do. It could be entering a competition, or commenting as much as possible to become Member of the Month. This blog also gives you the chance to win either Stardollars or Superstar membership at a rough estimate of at least once a week. There are polls, competitions, chat boxes; like I said, no matter how bored you are, there will always be something there for you to do. She is also very famous for hosting the Sparkle Awards, which honour people who stand out in the Stardoll community. So, with all this, why WOULDN'T she be the perfect role model? I for one know that if I could meet her in real life, then I definitely would!

    I also have another idol (which I acquired a bit after Jenna x]) It's Alice (Hunnigall). This is because of her daring sense of style. The clothes (on me) wouldn't match, but somehow, she makes them work! Also, because of the AMAZING graphics she does. They look so Stardoll-like, and I wish I could draw like that!

    Well...to be honest...that's it from me! I guess I should say thanks for reading, and, well, be sure to stop by my suite sometime!

    Oh, and sorry it's so long, but when I tell a story, it's impossible for me to keep it short!


    ^^ That's my entry ^^
    ^^ Kind of a long autobiography x] ^^

    Dear VIP-DOLLS, yes, yes, yes, working on a farm and to follow fashion is not incompatible! In the evening, she always arouses the astonishment
    when she says she is an engineer in agriculture. There are fashion addicts who
    manage the act of driving in a short skirt in Paris ... and others for whom the
    driving of a combine is part of everyday life. Stop prejudices!!!
    Her five years of studies are valid even if she wears a mini-shorts! Transition
    between her day and her evening is up to a good shampoo, a pair
    of shoes and a shirt. This is not a bit like a VIP-DOLLS Girl?