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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hotbuys Dress Released!

The July Hotbuys Dress has been released!
I don't like it too much, a little wacky for my style, if you know what I mean. (;
If I was designing this, I would've removed the crazy squiggles and lines. (:
The Review:
Price: 16 Stardollars
Shape: Lovely snug-fitted
Color: Purple and Black, Idoru colours :/
Pattern: Crazy squiggly lines and such. (;
Rating: 6|1O


  1. Haha I Rate 7 :]
    Its Okay But Not My Type I'll Buy Tho

  2. love it
    i like to buy but i dont have stardollars

  3. I like it, but I won't buy it xd

    xx, mini_12_5

  4. is fun!
    but it is expensive and I'm not buying it for SuperStar: (

  5. I love this Stardoll version of the dress. Yes, maybe without the drawings.

  6. Its ok... I would remove some not all the lines and the grey line at the middle :/

  7. i think its beautiful also the shapes and stuff , its a very cute dress! also it fits the medoll very well :)
    i think everybody can make a nice outfit whit this dress
    im rating 9/10 i love the colours :)
    xoxo vicki95

  8. its ok. but..., i dont know i not really like the dress

  9. I like it :) Especially the belt!

  10. I think it's pretty, but not the best I've seen. =]

  11. It's like it especially the colours. Black and purple are my faves!

  12. Btw you are a great writer^^
    aslo i want to say that i like this dress but i think the real verion of this dress is much prettier , but this one is also really pretty i love the colours very much ! i can mix and match with this dress and make it to a nice outfit ^^

  13. i don't really like the dress. it's okaay.

    but i wouldn't buy the dress.

  14. I like this dress although the price is high again... :S I wander if it's still in Starplaza...