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Friday, July 30, 2010

70,000,000 members?

We've hit 70,000,000 members! Congratulations to stardoll. No doubt most of those accounts are fake. Dx We get 6 gifts for free! Still not so amazing... I think they should give us 70 stardollars aswell. What do you think of the gifts? Better than what we got last time?

& Last of all, sorry for not posting in a while. I've had a lot to do.
Have a lovely day. ;]


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  2. yeah im glad we hit 70.000.000! uhm i dont like the gift, to borring , the green t-shirt and green pants are so ugly lol i dont like them at all also the shoes i dont like , i like the dress a bit if i put a belt and so on i think it will be a nice outfit with it , its cute i think also the baloons are cute, kinda lol im exited to se what we get at 100.000.000 members , think we will get something we like , something special ,i hope :)

  3. wow , i totally agree .
    we should get like 7Osd.
    and the clothes are ugly .. but at
    least they're free, last time we had to
    pay money for them :3 but it's alright i guess.
    the pink dress.. is okay, it's wearable (:

  4. I like the shoes! But 70 stardollars IS a bit much! I think 35 stardollars and 35 starpoints!

  5. Well I suppose they're a bit more wearable than the 60 million members ones (which you also had to pay for), because they were plastered with '60 million members'.

  6. woow, we are already so many!
    I like the sandals!

  7. I would prefer 70SD instead of those...

  8. i love shoes.but i will like 70sd
    how about you

  9. i was like WOW when i logged in :o

  10. They aren't anything special... :S But I also want to know what we'll get when we reach 100 000 000 members... ;)