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Monday, May 31, 2010


On 2 of june is Italy national day, i found this pieces on spoilers and i like very much the water fountain. I think it will be very nice on a room.


Sunday, May 30, 2010


Recherche's summer spoiler was earlier sent to me!
It definitely looks like it could be very summery with the tanned skin, and bikini.

What do you think?

SBD news ;))

The contestants of SBD (stardolls best dressed - new project) Are:


















Plus, there is a SBD party on friday, heres the invite:

What do you think of the finalists?

Will you be attending the party?

Spoilers News!

So, CHANEL was in spoilers yesterday!!

Im so excited! :D

(credit to underneath stardoll and Houpisonfire for the pics )

I cannot wait!!
I will buy all the collection!

Which items do you like best?

Which items will you buy?

Hotbuys shoes


Hello dollies(:
Today the Hotbuys (May) shoes were released in starplaza. Personally I like them, and for once they are a good price. They are stylish and casual, and pretty unique if you ask me. I definately think their worth there money, so buy them today(:

CREDIT TO: Hotbuys Addictive for real life picture.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Got That Bling Bling!

Hi everyone! (:
Sorry i haven`t posted in a while..
But I have had time to come up with a new poll!
'Bling' as we call it, has become a popular style on Stardoll.
Everyone is loading their own outfits with boho accessories!!!
The more necklaces, the better!
Which looks is hottest?
You decide! (:


Stardolls Got Talent...Have you?

Hey everyone! That's right, a brand new project coming to stardoll called 'Stardolls Got Talent'! Can you wait, because I know I cant! The project is hosted by mosky-magazine, The Judges are, Mosky-Magazine,Hunnigall,Miss_LolitaF, 44nicole44,EliteNews and xX.Karlitos.Xx! So yes, thats right, im a Judge and cant wait to get started! Nicole x

Click Here to visit the blog
Click Here to apply
Click Here to contact the owner

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Le Specs

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Hii :)

It seems that new shop is coming on Stardoll very soon.It`s "Le Specs"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Glasses.xD

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


If you found out more about that,please,tell me :)



[ Banner Soon ]

Hello everyone. (:
I only realise now that I´m still a writer for The Fashionable Stardoll blog. and I want to apolozige for not being a active writer .. I only realised now because I was on my blog account and there was saying that I´m a writer and I was like :O

I just wanna say I'll be much more active (:

and sorry Filipinhamaria ..


Moles: The real deal

Many of you would have noticed that 70% of the girls in stardoll customize their faces (mainly eyes) with moles. It's not a secret, even I do(: They add and edgyness to your face, but sometimes can be used in utterly gross ways. I'm going to show you three stlyish ways to pull the look off.

The makeup way. This is my favourite design of the moles because it makes the eyes look casual and nice, and works well with most makeup.

The drip way. This way is better only on one side, but if you think you can pull it off try both eyes. I like it on one eye (Your right eye is the best) becuase it leaves you with this mysterious glare and a sort of Lady GaGa look(:

My two favourite ways to place moles (beside anywhere on the eyes) below. I like a mole on the left corner of your mouth because it gives you like a beauty mark and a stylish pout on the lips. On the neck (collar-bone) it looks like a normal mole, but still stylish. It was inspired to me when my friend 2pac4lyf gave me a password makeover and left it there, I haven't taken it off since!

Send in a picture of your medoll with moles and the best, most creative way could win 20 stardollars!

x Leah


Today we have more spoilers, some pieces i like. I will add more if i find more. The pallete of colours is beautifull and i like the shapes of the dresses.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Campaign (:


Do you think it really would be Great as they say or just as the usual ones?

Style Icon: foreversecret

Today's Style Icon chosen is foreversecret (or Karina) for her wonderful room design. She created a boring wardrobe suite into a wonder-world of fashion and vogue. It's stunning. Don't you agree?

SALE in starplaza!

There is a sale in the starplaza again!
What will you be buying, if anything?

Take care!
Have a nice day =]

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bargain Hunter Week 4 (WITH A TWIST)

It's that time again for BARGAIN HUNTER! As the title suggests, there will be a bit of a twist to this one. I will be using a brand of course, but cutting that brand into segments of items. So this week is RIO. They have quick ugly and beautiful clothes, and it aint hard to find what your looking for!

RIO TOP-HALF: I found some nice and unusual dresses and shirts in this segment. What do you think? All under 10 SD, but I do think some could have been cheaper.

RIO SHOES: Most of these shoes are hip and stylish, and could be used in creative ways. That is one of the reasons I chose them. The other being, well, cheap-as-chips!

RIO BOTTOMS: It was difficult finding cheap and nice bottoms in the starbazaar, becuase as the prices can go as high as 500 SD, people get a bit carried away with their selling money. I'm not sure if you, or I, like these bottoms, but you might find good use of them one day!

You thought that was all? Well theres one more twist in the way!
Next week's is gonna be a little different again! (After this they will go back to the same, dont worry!)
I want you to be a bargain hunter and send in your photos (in a tinypic please) of bargains under 10 at your desired store in starbazaar. (not one I've done though) Excited? Get those entries in!
I will be choosing three for the post, but they have to be done by the 2nd of June, when the next post will be. Post the link to the picture and a quick summary or your favourite find in a comment below.
Good luck(:


I am going to be starting a monthly post. This is an interview that I will be taking with a random person about something I choose. It could be about a current shop, current trend, someone or something. But how, you might ask, will I choose an interview resipiant? Well I would like anyone interested to comment on this post with this form filled out:


Thanks and good luck!
x Leah
(After 10 people have signed I will choose one and interview. I will request you if you are chosen. Stay tuned girls and possibly boys!)

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Stardoll Hall of Fame

Do I need to add something? ;D
Awesome idea guys ^^

Jun(b)e Hotbuys ;D

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Hii everyone ;D

It`s almost June and it`s time for new Hotbuys.xDD
Yayy,Stardoll didn`t forgot to release the picture of them (like sometimes forgot to release some of them).

They`re not so good.But,they`re not too bad ;P
The Lace top is so orange ;O
I don`t like orange ;P
The necklace is the best(my opinion).Shorts are not anything special,they`re so barbie.I like pink,but :/
I really like the coat.I like the color,I like it.Ohh,shoes.I don`t like these shoes.Not my taste.Dress is really cute.I like the color.Top,aa,I don`t like it.I hate the print on it :S
Purse....not good.Bikini,what did stardoll thought,how old are we?60-80 years?Come on Stardoll,you can do it much better ;P
Skirt is so for 5 years old girls.Cute.Hahaha.I know my little sister would wear it ;D
See for yourself

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Is Stardoll so lazy or is just illiterate?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Junbe?I never heard for that month,did you? ;)

Well,Stardoll,with all your laziness and bad grammar,we still love you :D


Fashion on da block:

Fashion on da block segment:
The RUNWAY Look, just with some beige/white pieces and long wavy hair and just a small make-up touch you are ready to rule the Catwalk. It really is important you are careful and detailed to make the look one of the bests.
You have to be careful also to the background, it would be really good if you can arrange it with a BRAND Logo, and also small details.

Kisses (:

Happy birthday!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Amazing Magazine (:

I was browsing, and i found a girl called Lizs, who owns an amazing magazine called bloom edition mag (:

Its fairly new, and i wanted to share, so that you can see and read it and be amazed, like i was !

Here are some pics:

Check out the WHOLE mag by clicking HERE!