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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fashion on the Block.

Hey Everyone, I really have been busy Lately and I would like to apologise for not being active.

I see here are some amazing girls who keep informing for news and free things so I decided not to write a lot, I will write once a week and I will write for Fashion.

Today I choose this Look my doll has one. It has in the newest Dress at Star Design, Alexandra Knight White Clutch and Voile Shoes.
This looks is really simple to be done and also can be done in different colors since the dress is available in Star Design.
Important is we go along with the lines. A dress like this cannot be matched with normal shoes or same Stilettos, they have to be classy shoes. Also along with it a purse makes a good match too, try to put it under the dress as I did so it gives a better impression.
Another part of the look is the hair and make-up, shorter hair looks better and for make-up just give a small pick at the eyes and lips. Add a pair of earrings for a better performance.
Kisses Lolita (: