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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bargain Hunter Week 4 (WITH A TWIST)

It's that time again for BARGAIN HUNTER! As the title suggests, there will be a bit of a twist to this one. I will be using a brand of course, but cutting that brand into segments of items. So this week is RIO. They have quick ugly and beautiful clothes, and it aint hard to find what your looking for!

RIO TOP-HALF: I found some nice and unusual dresses and shirts in this segment. What do you think? All under 10 SD, but I do think some could have been cheaper.

RIO SHOES: Most of these shoes are hip and stylish, and could be used in creative ways. That is one of the reasons I chose them. The other being, well, cheap-as-chips!

RIO BOTTOMS: It was difficult finding cheap and nice bottoms in the starbazaar, becuase as the prices can go as high as 500 SD, people get a bit carried away with their selling money. I'm not sure if you, or I, like these bottoms, but you might find good use of them one day!

You thought that was all? Well theres one more twist in the way!
Next week's is gonna be a little different again! (After this they will go back to the same, dont worry!)
I want you to be a bargain hunter and send in your photos (in a tinypic please) of bargains under 10 at your desired store in starbazaar. (not one I've done though) Excited? Get those entries in!
I will be choosing three for the post, but they have to be done by the 2nd of June, when the next post will be. Post the link to the picture and a quick summary or your favourite find in a comment below.
Good luck(:

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