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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Style Icon: toxxic.angel

Today I was roaming around some of my friends suites and came across the lovely Chloe, or toxxic.angel as you may know her. I know shes always had a great taste in her suite and outfits, but today I think she looks wonderful! Her outfit has all the right colours and elements to make a casual chic but elegant style.

You may have also noticed her Chanel No 5 perfume poster. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! If you know the designer, please tell me! I want it so bad :] But her suite is amazing, check her out here!

x Leah


  1. awesome suite !

  2. No ZIVYLE copy Joanne1305, i order Channel poster sometime ago n it was a exclusive poster i pay a lot for this design, look on my suite n compare my poster wit ZIVYLE even if she copy Joanne1305 my poster is amazing.